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2003-May-07The Real Mrs. McCartney
A documentary called Heather Mills: The Real Mrs. McCartney airs tonight at 10:00 on Channel 4 in Britain.  The film claims to be the story of Heather's triumph over adversity  containing interviews with Heather's family and friends. ... (more)
2003-May-05Lunching at the National Portrait Gallery
The Express reports today that Sir Paul caused a bit of a panic when he arrived for lunch on Saturday at the National Portrait Gallery restaurant.  Apparently they didn't know he was coming and there were no window tables available.  Sir... (more)
2003-May-03Stella's London Boutique A Success
According to recent stories published in the British press the new Stella McCartney Boutique in Mayfair is a major success.  Not only can one shop for Stella's latest designs at the boutique.  One can also enjoy an exhibi... (more)
2003-May-02A Friend of the West Pier
Since becoming a resident of Hove Sir Paul has fallen in love with Brighton's storm battered West Pier.  Recently during a stroll along the promenade with Heather he stopped to chat with volunteers working at the Bri... (more)
2003-May-02The Liverpool Concert Ticket Controversy
The British press is reporting today that the Liverpool City Council has upset McCartney fans.  It seems Sir Paul allocated 5 000 tickets to the City Council to be certain that Liverpool residents would be able to attend his concert.... (more)
2003-May-01Remembering His Scottish Fans
The Mirror reports today that although Sir Paul has had to cancel his Glasgow concert (see April 27) he has not forgotten his Scottish fans.  Sir Paul has reserved hundreds of tickets for them for his June 1 concert in Liverpool.  Accord... (more)
2003-May-01Sir Paul's German Menu
Today's Daily Star printed a list of items Sir Paul ordered from his hotel suite in Cologne Germany.  Sir Paul requested a variety of fruits (oranges apples cantaloupe melons nectarines peaches papaya kiwis bananas pears (only if ripe... (more)
2003-Apr-30Stella Shops and Parties in New York City
              Stella McCartney  and her friend Kate Hudson made an impressive entrance at last evening's Metropolitan Museum of Art's benefit dinner ( a $3 5000 -a-plate meal ) celebrating the museum... (more)
2003-Apr-30Sir Paul Prepares to Bring His Tour Home to Liverpool
In a statement released today Sir Paul commented on ending his year long world tour in his home town of Liverpool.  As 30 000 tickets go on sale tomorrow for the June 1 King's Dock show Sir Paul said: "I've been touring this sh... (more)
2003-Apr-29Sir Paul Responds to Stella's Remarks on Her Public Education
In an article appearing in today's Daily Mail Sir Paul addresses his daughter Stella's remarks about being educated in a public school (see March 29).  Sir Paul said the expense of a private school education was not an issue.  Rather he... (more)
2003-Apr-27No Show for Glasgow?
According to his spokesman Geoff Baker Sir Paul may not be able to keep his May 30 concert date in Glasgow Scotland.   The show at Sheffield's Hallam Arena (which was cancelled on April 6 when Sir Paul caught a cold and lost his voice)... (more)
2003-Apr-25Still The Richest Musician
Once again Sir Paul tops the Sunday Times list as the richest musician in the world.  His fortune is estimated as being GBP 760 million  ($1.9 billion)  having added GBP 47 million ($121 million) to his wealth last year with his wor... (more)
2003-Apr-24Heather Mills McCartney to Speak in Jackson, Mississippi
On May 20 Heather Mills McCartney will be the featured speaker at a conference on living with disabilities being held at the Mississippi Trademark Building.  The conference is being hosted by the state of Mississippi's Department of... (more)
2003-Apr-24Rare Beatles Photos on Display in Liverpool
"The Mad Day: Summer of '68" an exhibit of rare Beatles photographs will open to the public tomorrow at  Liverpool's Mathew Street Gallery.  Society photographer Tom Murray recalled the day he shot  the photos: "It really... (more)
2003-Apr-23A Birthday Surprise for a Fan
Sir Paul granted British radio personality Geoff Lloyd a backstage interview shortly before his London Earls Court performance last evening.  During the interview Sir Paul discovered that it was Mr. Lloyd's 30th birthday so he planned a su... (more)
2003-Apr-23Heather's Parkinson Interview
An interview with Heather Mills McCartney will be featured on the Michael Parkinson on Saturday program.  During the interview Heather told Mr. Parkinson that because of her medical history there is little chance that she could give birth to... (more)
2003-Apr-23Heather Interviewed on Tabloid Tales
An interview with Heather Mills McCartney will be featured on a new British talk show which examines the downside of being a celebrity.  The show is called Tabloid Tales. According to the show's host Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan Heather... (more)
2003-Apr-22Sir Paul's Thoughts About Michael Jackson
During Sir Paul's BBC radio interview today Sir Paul had these words to say about Michael Jackson: "I hope that his heart's in the right place but he's a very unusual guy.  I feel sorry for the kids being brought up under those veils... (more)
2003-Apr-21One Day He'll Swing
In a Real Radio network interview to be broadcast tomorrow Sir Paul told presenter Terry Underhill that he planned to record a selection of "Rat Pack" tunes (Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Sammy Davis Jr.) until  Robbie Williams "stole his... (more)
2003-Apr-21He'll Never Stop Performing
Sir Paul told Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper yesterday that's he'll never stop performing   "Even when I'm 64."  He'll even sing in small town pubs when his concert days are over: "I will just keep on doing (music) as a hobby. I... (more)


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