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2006-Nov-11Sir Paul Appears on Saturday Night Live
Sir Paul made a surprise guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this evening. He appeared at the end of a sketch featuring Alec Baldwin Steve Martin and Martin Short in the fictional "Platinum Lounge" for returning Saturday... (more)
2006-Nov-11Hear "Ecce Cor Meum" Live Online
National Public Radio will offer a live webcast of the Carnegie Hall performance of Sir Paul's Ecce Cor Meum from 7:30 - 10:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday November 14. Hosted by NPR's Fred Child and WNYC's John Schaefer the special will als... (more)
2006-Nov-10Good-bye Cabin
Sir Paul has changed his mind! In September Sir Paul offered to remove a detached house and two barns on his Sussex estate in exchange for being allowed to keep his log cabin (see September 14). Yesterday local planners were surprise... (more)
2006-Nov-09Support from America
Americans are showing their support for Sir Paul during this difficult period of his life. Sir Paul seemed shocked when after enjoying a quiet meal at the Il Gattopardo Italian restaurant in New York city all the people in the restaurant... (more)
2006-Nov-08"Behold My Heart - So Far"
Yesterday's Washington Post contained an article about the London rehearsal for Sir Paul's Ecce Cor Meum that premiered last week at the Royal Albert Hall (see November 3). The Post reports that during the rehearsal of the hour-long... (more)
2006-Nov-07Sir Paul's New York City Autograph Opportunity
From noon until 1:30 p.m. on Monday November 13 Sir Paul will be at the Times Square Virgin Megastore in New York city to autograph copies of his new classical CD Ecce Cor Meum as well as copies of his DVD Paul McCartney: The Space W... (more)
2006-Nov-05Did Sir Paul Buy the Linda Tapes?
According to a report in the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday morning Sir Paul met Linda's close friend and literary agent Peter Cox at Eat in Soho Square a Central London cafe. Customers in the cafe claim they were astonished that Sir... (more)
2006-Nov-04Sir Paul Remains Optimistic
In BBC Radio interview Sir Paul stated that he doesn't hold a grudge against Heather despite their current acrimonious divorce proceedings. Sir Paul was interviewed for the BBC Today program following the premiere of Ecce Cor Meum las... (more)
2006-Nov-03The Ecce Cor Meum Premiere
This evening Sir Paul attended the world premiere of his new classical work Ecce Cor Meum at London's Royal Albert Hall. Sir Paul received a standing ovation at the end of the performance. White paper hearts fluttered down over the crowd... (more)
2006-Nov-01A Little Help from Linda's Best Friend
Linda McCartney's best friend Carla Lane wants to put an end the rumors that claim that Linda was unhappy during her marriage to Sir Paul. The rumors began to surface last week when it was reported that another friend of Linda's Pe... (more)
2006-Nov-01LOVE's November 21st Release
photosThe soundtrack of Cirque du Soleil's The Beatles LOVE album is scheduled to be released on November 21st on CD and DVD-Audio/DVD-video. The soundtrack produced by Sir George Martin and his son Giles has won rave reviews from the surviv... (more)
2006-Oct-31Heather Banned from the Albert Hall
Don't look for Heather Mills at the premiere of Sir Paul's Ecce Cor Meum at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Friday. Sir Paul has instructed his security team to keep her away from the event. According to source quoted in Britain’s... (more)
2006-Oct-29Ecce Cor Meum Premieres on Friday
On Friday of this week Sir Paul's new classical work Ecce Cor Meum receives its premiere at London's royal Albert Hall. Sir Paul will be seated in one of the velvet-draped boxes beside his children Stella Mary and James. Also expec... (more)
2006-Oct-28Happy Third Birthday, Beatrice
Sir Paul and Heather reunited today to celebrate the third birthday of their daughter Beatrice at a 2-hour party held at Clambers Play Centre in Hastings East Sussex near Sir Paul's home in Peasmarsh. The family were dressed casually.... (more)
2006-Oct-27The Linda McCartney Tapes
Sir Paul has taken legal action to prevent tapes of his first wife Linda's audio diary being made public. During their 29-year marriage Linda recorded 15 tapes of intimate revelations which are now owned by Linda's friend Paul Cox. S... (more)
2006-Oct-26Another World Tour in the Works?
According to The Evening Standard Sir Paul may be gearing up for a new world tour. The plans this time would include a stop in Australia where he hasn't performed since 1991. The Evening Standard quotes a McCartney friend as saying:... (more)
2006-Oct-26An Evening at the Pub
Sir Paul joined his daughter Stella and her husband Alasdhair Willis for an evening at The Cow a Notting Hill pub in West London. According to an onlooker at the pub Sir Paul enjoyed several pints of Guinness with his family: "... (more)
2006-Oct-20Sir Paul Seeks Help
It was reported today that Sir Paul is seeing a psychiatrist to help him through his painful divorce from Heather Mills. Sir Paul is said to be"suffering deeply" over recent allegations made by Heather and has turned to a psychia... (more)
2006-Oct-20The Linda McCartney Calendar
Sir Paul is planning the release of a 2007 calendar featuring some of Linda McCartney's finest photography. The calendar will include photos of classic rock of stars including Pete Townshend The Beatles Tim Buckley and The Doors. Acc... (more)
2006-Oct-18Sir Paul's Defense
In a written statement released today by his lawyer Sir Paul defended himself against allegations of mistreatment allegedly made by his estranged wife Heather Mills: "Since the breakdown of his marriage Sir Paul McCartney has... (more)


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