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2003-May-22Hello Support for Heather
During her recent BBC 1 Tabloid Tales television appearance (see May 16) Heather claimed that allegations lodged against her in the press have had a negative effect on her charity work.  She referred to a story which circulated last year in wh... (more)
2003-May-21Honored in St. Petersburg
Sir Paul will fly by private jet to St. Petersburg tomorrow to receive an honorary doctorate from the St. Petersburg Conservatory.  Sir Paul is not scheduled to perform in concert in St. Petersburg but he does plan to visit several music scho... (more)
2003-May-21Sir Paul Returns to Hamburg
Sir Paul returned to Hamburg today and spoke to a reporter from the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper about the "wonderful memories" he holds of the city from the early days of the Beatles: "I have a lot of fond memories of Hamburg. But I also remembe... (more)
2003-May-19Help for a Chimp
The El Mercurio reports today that Sir Paul will pay the $8000 plane fare to fly an abused chimpanzee from Chile to Zambia.  The chimp was smuggled out of Africa 23 years ago to perform in a Chilean circus.  Since 1979 Toto "the gorilla"... (more)
2003-May-19Mourning the Loss of Noel Redding
Sir Paul's pal Noel Redding the bass player in Jimi Hendrix band passed away last weekend after suffering a massive heart attack while climbing the stairs of Dunowen House his mansion outside Clonakilty in West Cork Ireland.    Du... (more)
2003-May-18Stella Speaks to the Observer
On the eve of the launch party for her London boutique Stella McCartney granted an interview to the Observer's Gaby Wood. Now that she is designing under her own label Stella finds her time "is just chopped up into tiny little pieces. But it's ok... (more)
2003-May-17Looking Forward to Ireland
Yesterday Sir Paul spoke of looking forward to his concert in Ireland later this month.  In remarks published in today's Mirror Sir Paul says: "Playing in Dublin is going to mean a lot to me because Ireland is... (more)
2003-May-17The Sinatra Rejection
During  a Virgin Radio Superstars interview to be broadcast tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Sir Paul reveals that he once wrote a song for Frank Sinatra.  For some reason Sinatra thought it was a joke.  According to Sir Paul: "... (more)
2003-May-16Heather in California
Heather Mills McCartney was a keynote speaker at today's  Women & Business Expo held at the Ontario Convention Center in California.  She spoke of overcoming adversity such as being homeless at the age of 14:... (more)
2003-May-16The Real Mrs. McCartney Replies to Her Critics
The British press reports today that Heather Mills McCartney will appear on the BBC1 Tabloid Tales television program. to answer the "gold digger" allegations lodged against her by family and friends during channel 4's The Real Mrs. McCartney progr... (more)
2003-May-15Stella Celebrates the Opening of Her London Boutique
Although the shop has been open for business for a month  (see May 3) Stella hosted a glamorous launch party this evening at her first London boutique.   Among the guests were designers Tom Ford and Valentino actresses ... (more)
2003-May-14The Stella McCartney Boutique Opens in London Tomorrow
Stella will be celebrating the opening of her first London boutique without her father at her side.  While Stella greets her guests at her launch party tomorrow evening Sir Paul will be performing in Hungary.  Geoff Baker adds that Heath... (more)
2003-May-13Stolen Diary Returned
(Updated May 14)     On Monday Sir Paul received a special gift from two Italian sisters in Rome.  Francesca De Fazi and her sister Paola handed him his personal diary.   The sisters had stolen the volume from the garden... (more)
2003-May-11Sir Paul's Post-Tour Plans
Today in Rome Sir Paul shared his post-tour plans with Reuters Television: "I'll have a big holiday after this. But I like what I do... It's not really work for me it's a job and hobby. It's a hobby! I like it so much that if I retired I'd still... (more)
2003-May-11The Largest Concert of His Career
After performing for nearly 3 hours to 500 000 fans in Rome this evening Sir Paul said: "I'm blown away by biggest concert.  It was one of the most fantastic evenings of my life and I'm so chuffed that at my stage in the game this was the big... (more)
2003-May-10Sir Paul Performs at the Colosseum
"Gonna rock the Colosseum yeah " Sir Paul called out to the 400 VIP fans who paid dearly to hear him perform a 100 minute show in Rome's ancient area this evening. The published reports say Sir Paul was awed by his surroundings.  As he t... (more)
2003-May-09Sir Paul Takes His Tour to Rome This Weekend
This weekend Sir Paul McCartney will become the first rock musician to perform inside the the walls of Rome's ancient Colosseum.  Today Sir Paul told Rome's daily newspaper Il Messaggero: "As we say in Liverpool I'm chuffed to be ab... (more)
2003-May-08Sir Paul Requests More Room for His Liverpool Fans
The BBC reports today that Sir Paul has asked his concert promoters to make room for 5 000 more fans at his Liverpool concert.  This request comes after learning that Liverpool City Council staff had reserved tickets for themselves the day bef... (more)
2003-May-07Sir Paul Talks to ET about "A Love for You"
Sir Paul talked about his song A Love for You during an interview for the American television program Entertainment Tonight: "I love to see my stuff in films. You know I'm a ham.  I was asked if they could use one of my songs that I... (more)
2003-May-07Ralph Sall Talks about "A Love for You"
The May 10 2003 issue of Billboard magazine features an article about Sir Paul's contribution to the new The In-Laws film soundtrack which will be released on May 20 (see April 13).  The film is the story of the misadventures of two fathers-i... (more)


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