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2003-Jun-12Dispelling the Unhappy Family Myth
The Liverpool Daily Echo reports that the new BBC documentary on Stella McCartney will feature a picture of Stella traveling in Japan with her step-mother Heather.  The story claims: "This was taken on the subway in Tokyo last November w... (more)
2003-Jun-11A New York Yankee Joins Sir Paul's Team
As we learned during the 2001 World Series sometime New Yorker Paul McCartney is a New York Yankees baseball fan.   Today it was announced that Sir Paul's music company MPL Cummunications has signed New York Yankees' outfielder Be... (more)
2003-Jun-10President McCartney?
According to a recent British poll Sir Paul was named the people's choice to become the President of any future federal Europe. According to the 50Connect survey 21.5 per cent of the people polled believe that Sir Paul should be the first Pre... (more)
2003-Jun-10The End of the Rooftop Shower
The British press reports that Stella McCartney has removed the shower she installed on the rooftop of her Notting Hill West London home.  Last January the city planning chiefs gave Stella six months to dismantle the shower after it was... (more)
2003-Jun-10Final Days for the Concorde
In late October Concorde service on British Airways will cease.  Sir Paul was a frequent flyer on Concorde crossing the ocean from London to New York in a mere three hours and 15 minutes (and with the time difference he usually arrived... (more)
2003-Jun-09On Holiday in the South of France
According to reports in the British press today Sir Paul and Heather are enjoying a holiday on the French Riviera this week.  For the last four days the couple have been relaxing at the Grand Hotel in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.  Fellow gue... (more)
2003-Jun-08Ringo's Lullaby
Today's London Free Press reports that Ringo Starr has composed a song to celebrate the arrival of the new McCartney baby.    Ringo says: "I'll sing it to them personally when the baby arrives. I know Paul's thrilled especially... (more)
2003-Jun-07Stella the Tailor
Today's London  Financial Times published an interview with Stella McCartney during which she discussed her special line of trouser suits.   Stella recalled an encounter she experienced while strutting down the street a few years... (more)
2003-Jun-06Sir Paul's VIP Big Top Experience
Liverpool Daily Echo reports that more than 1 000 people were treated to a gourmet vegetarian meal at Sir Paul's Kings Dock concert last Sunday.  The Kings Dock Big Top Arena served as a giant hospitality tent where guest enjoyed a menu se... (more)
2003-Jun-06A Beatle's Beetle
The U.K.'s Carpages provides some new information on the Volkswagen Beetle that Sir Paul presented to 19 year-old Laura Andrew before his Liverpool concert last Sunday (see June 1). The story reports that during the presentation of his gift Sir Pa... (more)
2003-Jun-05Sir Paul Doesn't Know Stella's Wedding Plans
Monday's Daily Mail quoted Sir Paul as saying that he has not been told about Stella's wedding plans.  When asked if Stella would be getting married this summer at the family home on Kintyre Sir Paul replied that he was in the dark: "I don't... (more)
2003-Jun-04Liverpool Named European Capital of Culture
It was announced today that Liverpool has been crowned the the European Capital of Culture 2008.  Sir Paul a proud citizen who helped the city in it's campaign to win the honor (see July 19 2002) proclaimed: "I'm really chuffed at Liverpoo... (more)
2003-Jun-03It's A Boy?
The Chicago Sun Times columnist Bill Zwecker   reports today that a McCartney family member swears that Sir Paul and Heather having recently learned that their baby is going to be a boy have decided to call him Joseph after Sir Paul's favor... (more)
2003-Jun-01The Liverpool Concert
A gentle rain fell on the 35 000 who crowded into the open-air area specially built at Liverpool's Kings Dock for Sir Paul's home-coming concert. (There wasn't a venue large enough it Liverpool to accommodate Sir Paul's stage show so he built one... (more)
2003-Jun-01Getting Back to Lennon-McCartney
In an interview published in today's Sunday Herald Sir Paul states that the Lennon-McCartney word order on the song writing credits will once again appear on all his future recordings: "I'm happy with the way it is and always has b... (more)
2003-Jun-01Heather to Narrate the Dogs of Peace
The Sunday Times of Perth Australia reports today that Heather Mills McCartney will narrate a documentary called Dogs of Peace which she will present at the McCartney's annual Adopt-a-Minefield charity gala which will be held in Los Angeles i... (more)
2003-May-31More About the Cavern Club Party
As reported earlier Sir Paul hosted a party for friends and family at the Cavern Club this evening.  (see May 31). According to the club's owner   Bill Heckle: "We were approached a couple of months ago but received confirmation that he... (more)
2003-May-31Sir Paul Conducts An LIPA Workshop
While in Liverpool today Sir Paul held a special master class for students at his Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.... (more)
2003-May-31Sir Paul Happy and Excited About Having A Baby
The Express reports today that  during a BBC Radio interview in Sheffield Sir Paul spoke for the first time about becoming a father again hinting that this may not be his last child although he has "no idea" what the next five yea... (more)
2003-May-31Sir Paul's Secret Cavern Club Appearance
Last night Sir Paul held an end-of-the-tour party for his crew at Liverpool's Cavern Club.   Sir Paul and Heather hosted the party for about 150 members of his crew plus a few McCartney family and friends.   The club was given a M... (more)


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