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2005-Jan-12Glastonbury on DVD
On Monday March 21 EMI and the Glastonbury Festival will release the first Glastonbury DVD compilation called Glastonbury Anthems – The Best Of 1994 to 2004" which will include Sir Paul's performance of Hey Jude at the fest... (more)
2005-Jan-12Helping the Tsunami Victims
Updated January 13. It has been announced that Sir Paul and Heather have donated $1.9 million dollars ( £1 million) to the British Tsunami appeal. The funds presented to the International Rescue Committee of the U.K. (an indepe... (more)
2005-Jan-11"Making Kind Choices"
Sir Paul has written an introductory foreword to Ingrid Newkirk's new anti-cruelty to animals book called Making Kind Choices. Ms. Newkirk is the president of PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign group). In h... (more)
2005-Jan-10Stella McCartney
Today's Daily Variety contains an article about Stella McCartney's work as the costume designer for the Gwyneth Paltrow / Jude Law retro science-fiction film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Stella talked about the designs she cr... (more)
2005-Jan-10New York Stories
While strolling down East 57th Street in New York city this week a young man ran up to greet Sir Paul. The only problem was he thought he was talking to John Lennon! According to an onlooker Heather wasted no time in setting the r... (more)
2005-Jan-07In Cheshire for the Sales
The Chester Chronicle reports that Sir Paul spent New Year's Eve shopping with Heather and 14-month-old Beatrice. Lee Thompson a Chronicle reporter spoke to Sir Paul outside the Forum shopping center: "'I asked him for a pictur... (more)
2005-Jan-06iTunes for Nelson Mandela
Sir Paul has recorded an exclusive iTune track as part of a new campaign to support Nelson's Mandela's 46664 charity. Sir Paul and David A Stewart have produced a track entitled Whole Life. The tune is now available for download throu... (more)
2005-Jan-05Sir Paul to Participate in Tsunami Benefit Concert
Today's London Daily Mail announced that the BBC is organizing a charity concert to raise funds to help the victims of the tsunami disaster. Sir Paul Bono and The Darkness are among the artists expected to participate in the concert... (more)
2005-Jan-01Sir Paul to Help Make Poverty History
Sir Paul has joined some of the leading names in film and music to support a new initiative aimed at ridding the world of poverty. Sir Paul (along with Busted Jamelia Bono Scarlet Johansson Stephen Fry and Travis' Fran Healey) has... (more)
2004-Dec-29Leipzig Speedway
Today's Mirror published a photo of Sir Paul riding in a Mercedes. The picture was taken in Leipzig Germany back in June. What is unusual is the source of the photo - the Leipzig police department. Leipzig police cameras caught Sir Pa... (more)
2004-Dec-28The McCartney-Ono Feud Continues
"He can't believe she is being so petty " says a source close to Sir Paul concerning the latest installment in the McCartney-Ono feud over the rights to the song Yesterday. Today's London's Daily Mail reports that Yoko Ono i... (more)
2004-Dec-26Sir Paul and Heather on Millionaire
This Christmas Sir Paul and Heather appeared on a special celebrity edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and won £32 000 for their Adopt-a-Minefield charity. They appeared on the program twice - first on Christmas Eve and again... (more)
2004-Dec-23Sir Paul's White Christmas
Sir Paul and Heather recently hosted a big Christmas party for all people who worked with them on the Summer 2004 World Tour. The party was held in the playground of a school near the McCartney home in East Sussex England. With the help... (more)
2004-Dec-17Sir Paul's Strumming Tip
Today's Sun reveals one of Sir Paul's guitar playing secrets. Sir Paul says that 40 years of guitar strumming had taken a toll on his hands: "The way I flick the strings with my fingers wears my nail down. A couple of years ag... (more)
2004-Dec-02Sir Paul Answers Questions from British Fans
Today The Independent of London published these replies from Sir Paul to questions from British fans: Will you be re-releasing When I'm 64 on the occasion of your 64th birthday in June 2006? "As the date looms ever... (more)
2004-Nov-30An Evening at the North Biddick Social Club
Newcastle's Evening Chronicle reported today on a Sir Paul's night out with a friend at a club in Fatfield Village Washington the town where Heather was born. According to the North Biddick Social Club's manager Monica Graham she w... (more)
2004-Nov-21Super Bowl Star
It was announced today that Sir Paul will perform during the half-time show during Super Bowl XXXIX at the Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville Florida on Sunday February 6. The National Football Leagues executive vice president of media s... (more)
2004-Nov-18Sir Paul Talks About Band Aid
New Musical Express reports that Sir Paul has spoken with about his participation in the recording of Do They Know It's Christmas? last weekend at George Martin's Air Studios in London. Sir Paul plays his Hofner Beatle bass on... (more)
2004-Nov-13Sir Paul to Join in the Re-recording of Do They Know It's Christmas?
photosYesterday Sir Paul secretly recorded his part in the re-recording of the Band Aid hit Do They Know It's Christmas? two days ahead of schedule. The recording is scheduled to be released on November 29 with all proceeds going to famine... (more)
2004-Nov-07Tony Bennett's A Huge McCartney Fan
Today's Melbourne Australia's Sunday Herald Sun published an interview with singer Tony Bennett in which he talks about performing with Sir Paul at the Bridge School Concert benefit: "I got to sing with Paul McCartney which wa... (more)


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