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2005-May-02Heather the Soap Star
(Updated May 10) Hello Magazine reports today that Heather Mills McCartney is about to become a soap opera star. Heather will make her acting debut on NBC's daytime drama The Days of Our Lives. She will play herself in the minor role... (more)
2005-May-01Missing the McCartneys on the Mull of Kintyre
In today's Scots edition of the Sunday Mirror members of the Campbeltown spoke to reporters about how they miss their most famous resident. Sir Paul has not visited his farm near Campbeltown since his marriage to Heather three years a... (more)
2005-Apr-28Ringo's Long and Winding Road
photosThe title track of Ringo Starr's new album Choose Love contains some lyrics borrowed from his old friend Paul McCartney when he sings "The Long and Winding Road is more than a song". Ringo claims that he returned to his... (more)
2005-Apr-27Additional Performances Added to US Tour
With concert tickets selling out in record time Sir Paul has added additional performances to his concert tour of the United States. (See revised schedule below). In a press release Sir Paul said that the play list will include Beatles... (more)
2005-Apr-18Sir Paul's U.S.Tour Schedule
Sir Paul's 2005 tour dates have been released. They are: September 16: Miami (American Airlines Arena) September 17: Tampa Fla. (St. Pete Times Forum) September 20: Atlanta (Philips Arena) September 22: Philadelph... (more)
2005-Apr-18Yoko's A McCartney Fan
Today's New York Daily News reports that Yoko Ono is a big Stella McCartney fan. Yoko wore a jacket designed by Stella to a recent art event and told reporters: "She's part of the Beatles family and I'm very proud of her. She has... (more)
2005-Apr-17Sir Paul's New Album, Timelines
The British press reports today that Sir Paul's new album with the tentative title Timelines is scheduled to be released on August 20. Sir Paul wrote two of the songs on the album as a tribute to Linda and one entitled Comfort of Lo... (more)
2005-Apr-12Bill Bernstein Signs On For U.S. Tour
Bill Bernstein has announced that he will again serve as Sir Paul's official photographer during the Fall 2005 concert tour of the United States. Mr. Bernstein been Sir Paul's official tour photographer for over 15 years and says that it... (more)
2005-Apr-11Sad Time for Mary McCartney
The British press reports that Sir Paul's eldest daughter Mary has temporarily separated from Alistair Donald her husband of six years. Mary has remained in the couple's home in West London with their two sons five-year-old Arthur... (more)
2005-Mar-20Coming in May - Paul McCartney in Red Square on DVD
photosThe180 minute feature-length concert film of Sir Paul's Red Square concert will be released on DVD on May 31st. (See Feburary 2 2005 for more information.)  ... (more)
2005-Mar-13"Daddy's Little Girl"
In Sydney Australia today their Sunday Magazine featured an interview conducted by Sabine Durrant with Stella McCartney entitled "Daddy's Little Girl". The interview took place on a Friday afternoon in a Notting Hill caf&eac... (more)
2005-Mar-13U.S. Tour Delayed?
Today's Sunday Mirror speculates that Sir Paul's three-month tour of the United States tentatively scheduled to begin September 16th in Miami Florida may be postponed. The newspaper reports that the couple is waiting to see the resul... (more)
2005-Mar-11Another Baby?
The Daily Mail reports today that within the next few weeks Sir Paul and Heather McCartney will confirm if they are having another baby. In an interview with Hello magazine Heather did confirm that being a mother is not easy: "... (more)
2005-Mar-10A Gift from "The Fireman"
The New York City Fire Department has received a special gift from Paul and Heather McCartney. The couple has given them a painting from their private collection. It is a 1974 work by artist Ron Kleinman featuring the fire truck once used... (more)
2005-Mar-05Stella's Paris Show A Tremendous Success
Yesterday Stella McCartney's autumn/winter 2005 fashion show earned rave reviews from the critic. Although she wasn't able to be in Paris attend the show at the Palais Brognicourt. Stella saw to it that each guest found one of her "h... (more)
2005-Mar-03Sir Paul Goes Commercial
(Updated March 4) According to Billboard 20 of Sir Paul's solo tunes have been made available for licensing for use in commercials television and film. While a select few McCartney songs have been featured in film and television pro... (more)
2005-Mar-02Sir Paul Triples His Fortune
The Sun reports today that during 2004 Sir Paul tripled his income. In 2003 he earned $7 million; in 2004 raised it to $21 million. This figure reflects the income earned by his firm MPL Communications. It does not include his Beatl... (more)
2005-Mar-01Heather's Campaign to Protect the Animals
Heather Mills-McCartney has joined the campaign against the barbaric trade of dog and cat furs from China. Heather is calling for a European Union ban on the sale of fake fur items made in China from the pelts of dogs and cats. Heather... (more)
2005-Mar-01Sir Paul's Namesake
Stella and Alasdhair Willis have announced the name of their son - Miller Alasdhair James Willis. The name James has become a part of the McCartney tradition. Sir Paul's father's name was Jim Sir Paul himself was christened James Paul... (more)
2005-Feb-27Sir Paul's Bedside Vigil
(Updated February 28) Today's Sunday Mirror reports that Sir Paul rushed to the special care baby unit of London's Portland hospital on Friday to remain at the beside of his new grandson when the baby developed breathing problems that... (more)


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