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2005-Jun-16Sir Paul's University
According to today's Liverpool Daily Post Sir Paul's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) plans to apply for University status. Currently LIPA's six undergraduate degrees ( three undergraduate degrees in the performing arts... (more)
2005-Jun-14Heather Launches World Blood Donor Day
Today in Trafalgar Square Heather Mills McCartney launched World Blood Donor Day by unveiling a "celebration gallery" of 50 photographs of people who's lives were saved by blood donations. Heather told the crowd assembled in... (more)
2005-Jun-12Music Box Documentary to be Released Next Month
photosOn July 12 look for the release of Paul McCartney Music Box Biographical Collection on DVD. This one hour unauthorized documentary on the life and work of Paul McCartney is said to contain material that has rarely been seen before.... (more)
2005-Jun-11The Initial Live 8 Broadcasting Plans
If you won't be in London Paris Berlin Rome or Philadelphia to attend the Live 8 concerts on July 2 Music Week assures us that plans are being made so that wherever you are in the world you will be able to witness the event via r... (more)
2005-Jun-07Sir Paul's March to Scotland
On July 2 Sir Paul will lead the Make Poverty Hisory march to Edinburgh then jet down to London to play in Hyde Park Live8 concert. Last evening Sir Paul told reporters: "I'm proud to be on the team...the energy and passion th... (more)
2005-Jun-02Strawberry Fields Not Forever After All
Strawberry Fields the children's home made famous in the Lennon/McCartney tune closed its doors forever this week. The children of Strawberry Fields will now be cared for by foster families or will live in a small group home. Strawbe... (more)
2005-Jun-01Live 8 Now Official
(Updated June 6) Live 8 was officially launched in London today by Sir Bob Geldof. Dubbed as the biggest musical event of the decade. On July 2 Sir Paul along with other artists including Mariah Carey Elton John Madonna REM Sting... (more)
2005-Jun-01High in the Clouds
photosSir Paul announced today that his new children's book High in the Clouds: An Urban Furry Tail will be released on the 4th of October. 500 000 copies of the 96-page book are being printed by the under the Dutton Children’s Book... (more)
2005-May-31Sir Paul Partners With Lexus
Sir Paul announced today that his fall US Tour will be sponsored by Lexus: "I'm very pleased to partner with Lexus because I think there is a natural fit. Lexus and I share the same philosophy and approach to creating the best... (more)
2005-May-22More on Live 8
More information has been published on Sir Paul's appearance at a Hyde Park charity concert on July 2 which is being called Live 8 since it will coincide with the G8 summit in Gleneagles. Rather than appeal to the public for donations... (more)
2005-May-22Sir Paul's New California Home
Sir Paul has purchased an luxurious eight-bedroom mansion on the Van Valkenburg estate in Pasadena California to serve has his American home. The home will be familiar to viewers of the 1960s Batman television series. It was featured... (more)
2005-May-21Beatle for Sale
Sir Paul has made himself available to entertain at private functions. For a minimum of GBP 1 million one can contact Grabow Associates a top American talent agency to hire Sir Paul to give a two hour performance. The Daily Mail quo... (more)
2005-May-20Sir Paul's Surprise Lunchtime Appearance in Liverpool
Yesterday Sir Paul made a surprise appearance at a House of Commons lunchtime reception being held for 200 politicians business people and artists to celebrate Liverpool's honor of becoming the 2008 Capital of Culture. According to a rep... (more)
2005-May-19More on the McCartney Visit to Slovenia
A report from the Slovene news agency STA states that yesterday Sir Paul and Heather visited the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance (ITF) in Ljubljana Slovenia to promote their Adopt-A-Minefield campaign.... (more)
2005-May-18Sir Paul's Visits Slovenia
Sir Paul has paid a secret visit to Slovenia. Slovenian television station POP TV reported today that Sir Paul and Heathers recently visited Lake Bled Slovenia's beautiful mountain resort and spent the night at Hotel Vila Bled the... (more)
2005-May-15The Beatles Solo on Apple Records
photosOn April 30 Bruce Spizer's new compilation The Beatles Solo on Apple Records hit the bookstores. According to the publisher 498 Productions: "The Beatles Solo on Apple Rec... (more)
2005-May-15Twin Freaks
(Updated May 26) The Independent on Sunday (London) reports that Sir Paul has teamed up with remix master Roy Kerr to produce a dance album called Twin Freaks set to be released on June 21. Several tracks are currently being played... (more)
2005-May-13More Live Aid News
Sir Paul is scheduled to open as well as close the Live Aid concert on July 2 in Hyde Park London. According to today's Daily Star: "Sir Paul and Oasis will share the stage. The grand opening is Paul and U2 teaming up to perfo... (more)
2005-May-08Sir Paul Joins the Stones for Live Aid II
Sir Paul will be performing at this summer's Live Aid II charity concert. It has been announced that following his set Sir Paul will be joined on stage by the Rolling Stones to close the show with at least one song. The concert will b... (more)
2005-May-04Baby Miller Goes to School
Even though Sir Paul's new baby grandson Miller is only two months old he's already paid a visit to his prep school. London's Evening Standard reports today that Stella Alasdhair and baby Miller attended an open house at Notting H... (more)


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