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2005-Jul-05Nigel Godrich Challenges Sir Paul
It appears that Sir Paul has received some constructive criticism from his new record producer Nigel Godrich. Sir Paul says he finds this refreshing: "People get a little sycophantic around me but Nigel was the opposite. He'd... (more)
2005-Jul-05Sgt. Pepper Topping the Charts
The McCartney/Bono Live8 concert opener Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is currently No. 1 on the iTunes charts in Britain Canada Ireland Netherlands Germany Italy and Belgium. The track is also No. 2 in Spain and No. 3 in F... (more)
2005-Jul-04Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Sir Paul has announced the title of his new album: Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Sir Paul told Radio1 that it would not be a double album as some people had speculated although he did admit "I have two albums worth going a... (more)
2005-Jul-03Sgt.Pepper for Sale in Record Time
It is said to be he fastest online release after a major music event. Less than 45 minutes after the McCartney-U2 Live8 performance of Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band the tune was being sold at for 99 cents U.... (more)
2005-Jul-02Live 8
(Updated July 3) The event turned out to be even bigger than anyone expected. According to Live 8 organizer Sir Bob Geldof the 22 hour "greatest concert ever" ( 69 hours of live music involving 260 acts) was watched by 3 bi... (more)
2005-Jun-30Sir Paul Writes About Live 8
Today's London Daily Telegraph contains the following story written by Sir Paul McCartney: I will be opening Live8 in Hyde Park with a little Irish band you may have heard of called U2 singing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club B... (more)
2005-Jun-30The Biggest Entertainment Event in Television History
"It's the biggest entertainment event in television history " says Kevin Wall executive producer of the Live 8 television broadcast. Viewers in the United States will be able to view highlights of the Live 8 concert on Saturday... (more)
2005-Jun-29What Will Be The Live 8 Surprise?
It has been widely reported that Sir Paul will open Saturday's Live 8 concert with Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and close it 8 hours later with his performance of The Long And Winding Road. It seems there will be another t... (more)
2005-Jun-29Coldplay Concert
The Mirror reports that Sir Paul was spotted in the sold-out crowd enjoying the Coldplay concert at South London's Crystal Palace National Sports Center.... (more)
2005-Jun-29Sir Paul's Super Bowl Documentary
The National Football League (NFL) has turned Sir Paul's Super Bowl appearance into an hour-long documentary. Paul McCartney Backstage - Super Bowl XXXIX will premier on Sunday July 3 on the NFL network and will feature footage of Sir... (more)
2005-Jun-28Sir Paul's Live 8 Ultimatum
Today's Daily Mail reports that Sir Paul had reservations about performing in the Live 8 concert. After two pervious affronts ( the faulty microphone at the 1985 Live Aid concert and being told last November that he was too old to sing... (more)
2005-Jun-28Baby Reports Not True
Sir Paul is refuting the claims made by Britain's The People newspaper that Heather recently suffered a miscarriage. (see June 26) According to Sir Paul's spokesman: "It's not true. She would like another child but they are happ... (more)
2005-Jun-26Look for Live 8 on DVD in November
The London Times reports that EMI secured the DVD rights to next weekend's Live 8 concert. In return EMI will pay several million pounds upfront to the event’s organizers and will offer them a generous cut of the profits as well.... (more)
2005-Jun-26Prep School for Beatrice
Today's Mail on Sunday reports that Sir Paul has enrolled his daughter Beatrice Milly in a prestigious prep school renowned for its music and drama departments. Last week Sir Paul visited the prestigious school a half-hour drive fro... (more)
2005-Jun-26A Loss for the McCartneys?
The People reports today the sad news that Sir Paul and Heather have suffered the loss of their second baby. Sir Paul is reported to be taking lengthy walks alone in an effort to cope with his grief. However a spokeswoman for Heather... (more)
2005-Jun-25Heather Campaigns for Safer Police Chases
A day after the Daily Express revealed that the number of people injured in police collisions has risen by 60 per cent this year Heather announced that she has joined the campaign to demand tougher guidelines for police cars involved... (more)
2005-Jun-24The Return of Sgt. Pepper
Today Live8 organizer Sir Bob Geldof revealed how Sir Paul will open the event: "It will start with U2 and Paul McCartney in Sergeant Pepper costumes. They will open with 'It was 20 years ago today' which refers to Live Ai... (more)
2005-Jun-24Heather on Days of Our Lives
(Updated June 28) Heather spoke to the Daily Mail about her debut as a soap opera actress (see May 2) on Days of Our Lives: "I did it in one take. It was easy - it's what I do. My main reason for doing it obviously is for... (more)
2005-Jun-24Live 8 A Great Idea
In a statement Sir Paul said that Sir Bob Geldof's plan to use Live 8 to focus on poverty in Africa a "great idea " and that he is looking forward to helping: "I think Bob is handling it with his usual panache; if any... (more)
2005-Jun-23No Paul and Ringo Tour
Ringo Starr recently told Access Hollywood that he has no plans to ever tour with Paul McCartney again: "I haven't toured with Paul since '65. We're never going to do it. We are not going to tour together. I go with my band... (more)


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