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2005-Aug-07Lessons from A Mother
Sir Paul has revealed to Femalefirst that he learned to take his song writing seriously from his friend's mother: “The first time I realized people take their own meanings from what I write was in 1963 when I went back to Live... (more)
2005-Aug-05Sir Paul Speaks Out Against Stars Who Wear Furs
Recently Sir Paul told PETA campaigners : "I think it's very sad. Animals have to be killed and their lives are taken often in the most disgusting ways for you to have your coat. So that's what I would say to P. Diddy and... (more)
2005-Aug-04New Album His Best?
Ratethemusic reports that Sir Paul is confident that his new solo album Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard could turn out to be his most popular album - even better than any of his Beatles work. "It could turn out to be one of... (more)
2005-Jul-30Preview of Q Magazine Interview
Excerpts from an upcoming Q magazine interview with Sir Paul were published in the Mirror today. In the interview Sir Paul had some harsh criticism for some of his earlier works referring to some of his songs as "rubbish""... (more)
2005-Jul-29A New Abbey Road Concert
Sir Paul returned to London's Abbey Road for a top-secret performance. Sir Paul and his band ( including Travis frontman Fran Healey) performed a one-and-a-half hour concert for a select group of 50 people. One lucky audience member told... (more)
2005-Jul-29Sir Paul Honors a Bee Gee
(Updated August 1) During the graduation ceremony held at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts Sir Paul presented Bee Gee Robin Gibb with an honorary companionship. Sir Paul told the assembly that Mr. Gibb earned the honor bec... (more)
2005-Jul-28Working with Nigel Godrich
Sir Paul has told NME that working with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich was one of the most challenging experiences of his musical career to date. In spite of some disagreements Sir Paul said his sessions with Mr. Godrich reminded h... (more)
2005-Jul-27Sir Paul and Text Messaging
Sir Paul has confessed to the Sun that he is addicted to text messaging. However he does not like to use abbreviations: “I like to spell everything properly when I text but I do like predictive text. It is the surrealist in... (more)
2005-Jul-27Sir Paul's Radio 2 Interview
In an interview with Britain's Radio 2 Sir Paul explained about his car trouble incident with the Rolls Royce (see July 12): "We went out for a posh dinner and to surprise Heather I hired a chauffeur and a Rolls Royce. We... (more)
2005-Jul-26Sir Paul's New Album Is Superb
The Sun's Victoria Newton provides us with an early review of Sir Paul's new album. She writes: "Paul McCartney gave me a preview of his new album Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard yesterday - and it's brilliant. It's simple... (more)
2005-Jul-26Still Collaborating With George
In an interview with Tom Robinson of BBC digital station 6 Music Sir Paul credits the late George Harrison with giving him some help composing the tune Waiting For Your Friends To Go that will be featured on his new album. Sir Paul ex... (more)
2005-Jul-22New McCartney Single, Fine Line, to Be Released Online Next Week
On Tuesday July 26 AOL Music will debut Fine Line Sir Paul's first single from his Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard . The song will be released at 12:01 a.m. EST as part of AOL Music's First Listen program. The track will be availa... (more)
2005-Jul-13Sir Paul's Tribute to Maurice Gibb
Billboard magazine reports that Sir Paul will cover a Bee Gees tune on a tribute album in memory of Maurice Gibb to be released next year. Maurice Gibb died in January 2003 following complications from a twisted intestine. According to... (more)
2005-Jul-13Would Live 8 Have Reunited the Beatles?
Sir Paul has told Word magazine that had John and George lived there might have been a Beatles reunion at Live 8: "There was talking of it (reforming) yeah from time to time (in the 1970s). But again it's the same thing - wh... (more)
2005-Jul-12Trouble with the Rolls
Today's London Daily Mail reports that Sir Paul is experiencing car trouble. It seems that after enjoying a lovely dinner with Heather at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Claridge's Hotel in Central London (London's most glamorous restaur... (more)
2005-Jul-08Ringo Reviews Sir Paul's Live 8 Performance
On his 65th birthday Ringo Starr offered the Toronto Sun a review of Sir Paul Live 8 performance. He said he liked it to a point: "I saw Paul and Bono being fabulous and I saw four stupid guys in Pepper suits. I thought Paul... (more)
2005-Jul-08New Album Details
(Updated) Sir Paul has released the details of his new studio album Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard scheduled to be released on September 13. As in his first solo album Sir Paul plays most of the instruments himself on the 13 tr... (more)
2005-Jul-07McCartney & Madonna Duet Planned
Yesterday's New York Daily News reports that backstage at Saturday's Live8 concert in London Madonna seized the opportunity to invite Sir Paul to sing with her on her next album. The Daily News quotes their source as saying: &quo... (more)
2005-Jul-06Music Clearing Minefields
Sir Paul has donated some VIP tickets to his sold-out fall tour to raise money and awareness for his Adopt-A-Minefield charity. In a statement issued today Sir Paul said: "Heather and I have worked hard to raise funds and aware... (more)
2005-Jul-05Sir Paul Begs
Sir Paul has admitted to Britain's BBC Radio One that he recently spent a day in London disguised as a beggar: "It was for a film thing and it was something I'd always wanted to do So I scruffed myself up a bit put on a false... (more)


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