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2005-Nov-30Saving Canadian Seals
Today Sir Paul sent a letter to Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin asking him to support a ban on his country's harp seal hunting practice. Sir Paul wrote: "We wanted to put you on notice that if Canada moves forward with another... (more)
2005-Nov-27Sir Paul Vows Never to Perform in China
Sir Paul has vowed never to perform in China after seeing a PETA film on the brutal treatment of animals in the Guangzhou fur market. Sir Paul said: "This is barbaric. Horrific. It's like something out of the Dark Ages. And th... (more)
2005-Nov-26Saving the Liverpool Art College
Sir Paul is in the process of trying to buy the Liverpool Art College to prevent it from being demolished. Sir Paul already owns the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts next door. The original buildings that housed the Liverpool Art Col... (more)
2005-Nov-21More on Sir Paul and Lexus
In a recent press release Lexus announced some new marketing extensions in partnership with Sir Paul. (See also May 31 2005) This is the first time in his career that Sir Paul has partnered with a commercial brand: "My pa... (more)
2005-Nov-20Sir Paul Meets A Young Fan in Chicago
The National Down Syndrome Society envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to realize their life aspirations. Sir Paul made one such young man's dream come true last month during his visit to Chicago.... (more)
2005-Nov-20Yoko's Perspective
In an interview that appears in the November 28 2005 issue of Newsweek magazine Yoko Ono had this to say about Sir Paul: "My perspective is that it is probably very hard to be Paul McCartney. There's a certain kind of insecu... (more)
2005-Nov-19An October 1962 Interview Broadcast
Today's Mirror reports that the Beatles' debut radio interview will be broadcast today for the first time. The interview took place in October 1962. DJ Monty Lister spoke to the Beatles about their new single Love Me Do during one of... (more)
2005-Nov-18High in the Clouds
Sir Paul met with Chicago Sun Times reporter Miriam Di Nunzio to discuss his new children's books High in the Clouds: "It's been something like a 10-year process and I only mention that because I realize there's been a spate... (more)
2005-Nov-17A Miami Interview
Before his Miami Florida performance at the American Airlines Area Sir Paul met with Miami Herald's Evelyn McDonnell. Seated in his dressing room surrounded by potted palms and Indian tapestries enjoying a salad and some chocolate d... (more)
2005-Nov-15The Fifth Annual Adopt-a-Minefield Benefit
This evening Sir Paul and Heather hosted an Adopt-A-Minefield benefit for about 1 000 guests at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles California. Their guests enjoyed a vegan dinner followed by musical performances by Sir Paul and... (more)
2005-Nov-14And the Winner Is ....
In Los Angeles this morning the KLSX-FM 97.1 "Breakfast with the Beatles" quiz question was "Who took the photo on the cover of Paul McCartney's latest album Chaos & Creation in the Backyard?" Radio host Chris... (more)
2005-Nov-13Simply Magnificent!
photosAstronaut Bill McArthur described Sir Paul's live wakeup call as "simply magnificent". The call was beamed 220 miles above the Earth to the international space station crew during Sir Paul's concert in Anaheim California (se... (more)
2005-Nov-11Sir Paul In Outer Space
(Updated November 13) On Sunday Sir Paul will become the first artist to broadcast a live concert into outer space. NASA Astronaut Bill McArthur and Russian Cosmonaut Valery Tokarev the crew of the international Space Station will r... (more)
2005-Nov-07Sir Paul to be Featured on XM Satellite Radio's Artist Confidential
XM Satellite Radio America's largest satellite radio service recently welcomed Sir Paul to their Washington D.C. studios for the taping of their interview and performance program Artist Confidential before a live studio audience. Du... (more)
2005-Aug-21Will There Be A New Beatles Tune?
The opening of the new production Lennon - The Musical has led to new hopes that another new Beatles song that may one day be released. It is the third of the "virtual reunion songs" that Sir Paul George and Ringo worked on... (more)
2005-Aug-15Sir Paul to be a Billboard Star
Sir Paul will be profiled in a special in-depth Billboard Stars special feature in the September 3rd issue of Billboard magazine. The feature will include an exclusive Q&A interview with Sir Paul on the creation of his new album Ch... (more)
2005-Aug-11Sir Paul Hopes His New Album Will Be A Commercial Success
Sir Paul has told reporters that he hopes his new album will be a commercial success. Otherwise he will consider himself a failure because to him it will mean that people no longer want to listen to his music. Sir Paul considers financial... (more)
2005-Aug-11Sir Paul Won't Be Taking Advantage of Michael Jackson's Financial Woes
Sir Paul has told reporters that he has no intention of taking advantage of Michael Jackson's financial troubles to gain back the rights to The Beatles song. Sir Paul claims that he will soon be legally his anyway: " I've had peopl... (more)
2005-Aug-09Sir Paul Sing the Praises of the Pope
In an interview to celebrate People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals' (PETA) 25th anniversary Sir Paul sang the praises of Pope Benedict XVI. Recently the Pope spoke out against the practice of factory farming and urged Roman Catholic... (more)
2005-Aug-08Sir Paul Votes for Elvis
Recently Uncut magazine asked musicians actors and industry experts which song in their opinion "changed the world". Sir Paul cast his vote for Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel: "It's the way (Presley) sings it as... (more)


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