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1997-Mar-31Press release by Capitol Records
"Flaming Pie" Paul McCartney's much anticipated solo album which takes its title from Beatles mythology is set to hit stores on Tuesday May 20th. His first studio recording in four years Flaming Pie marks the first album release b... (more)
1997-Mar-26Ice Magazine reports track listings are totally incorrect
(hg) Ice Magazine reports that the track listings that have been circulating on the internet (that is for instance on this page ;-) ) are totally incorrect. Only two songs of the list are said to actually be from the new album. Whatever this in... (more)
1997-Mar-22Two "Flaming Pie" songs played at Beatlefest
(hg) Reportedly during the Beatlefest convention of last weekend two songs from Paul's new album "Flaming Pie" have been played over the PA. The songs were "The World Tonight" which is said to be the first fingle for the U.S.... (more)
1997-Mar-22Beatles Auction in Tokyo. Paul stops sale of "Penny Lane" lyrics
(hg) Only very few hours before the big auction of Beatles memorabilia would begin in Tokyo the High Court in London stopped the sale of the original manuscript of the lyrics of "Penny Lane". A temporary injunction was based on the poin... (more)
1997-Mar-18Ice Magazine reports delay - untrue
Ice Magazine reports that Flaming Pie will be delayed until July. However this rumor is totally untrue. Ice corrected themselves two days later. A Capitol spokesman is reported to have said that Paul's album MUST be out in May as it contains some... (more)
1997-Mar-11Investiture Ceremony at Buckingham Palace
Please see the new page on the Investiture Ceremony for quotes of Sir Paul and many many photos! There are also 8 images on the homepage (click on the thumbnails to get full sized images).... (more)
1997-Mar-09More details on Paul's album
Simon from the Dutch Paul McCartney Fanclub reported that there is a 14th track on "Flaming Pie" :-) (see the table below!). The confirmed European release dates are: Album: "Flaming Pie" Rel: 12.5.97. Single: "Young Boy&q... (more)
1997-Mar-07Final Track Listing
Oh first of all: Paul's investiture takes place in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday at 10 am (UK time). Long live Sir Paul! :-) The following information was posted by Blondie ( to MACCA-L: From the Tokyo Beatles Fan Club via To... (more)
1997-Mar-06Even more news on "Flaming Pie"
This is another list of album songs that's being rumored (can't tell if it's correct or not): Flaming Pie Little Willow I Used To Be Bad Beautiful Night (produced by George Martin) The Songs We Were Singing Cello In The Ruins... (more)
1997-Feb-24More details on Paul's album. TV documentary
The new album Flaming Pie is scheduled for release on May 12 (U.K. Europe) and May 13 (US). The first single Young Boy will be released on April 28 and it includes 3 new tracks not on the album. There will be up to four singles with 3 new tracks... (more)
1997-Feb-11Paul's Album scheduled for May release
At last! Something definite on it. The title "Flaming Pie" had already been confirmed by Beatles insider Allan Kozinn a couple of weeks ago. Now we know the titles of three tracks: "Flaming Pie" "The Songs We Were Singing... (more)
1996-Oct-28Faux-Pas Fur
The following article appeared in Newsweek magazine's European edition. Oct. 28 1996 pg. 43 Faux-Pas Fur. The Chich-looking ad in the Oct. 14 issue of The New Yorker invited readers to call "Paul's Furs" for a free video showing a &... (more)
1996-Oct-01Flaming Pie Recording Sessions
According to the latest issue of Good Day Sunshine Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynne are getting along together very well. Throughout November 1995 Paul and Jeff have been recording 3 new songs (Paul has confirmed this in a radio interview). Because... (more)
1996-Sep-28Ballad of the Skeletons
Released on October the 8th... Mouth Almighty is Allen Ginsberg with PAUL McCARTNEY & Philip Glass The song is called "THE BALLAD OF THE SKELETONS" US CD single with full 8 minute version and radiolength song (4 mins) -a contempor... (more)
1996-Sep-21MPL 5CD Promo Set
The 21 September 1996 issue of Billboard mentions that MPL will release an 81 track 5 CD promo compilation to commemorate its twenty-fifth anniversary. Nineteen are said to be McCartney tracks. It's not known if these will be "greatest hits&qu... (more)
1996-Jul-01Club Sandwich interview
In the Summer 1996 edition of his fan magazine Club Sandwich Paul McCartney tells some details on his next solo album. Furthermore it is reported that in the first half of 1996 "... Paul has been spending most of his time in the studio wo... (more)


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