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1997-May-03Report on German TV network ARD/Brisant Magazine
photosThe German TV boulevard magazine "Brisant" had a report with interview on Paul McCartney. At this moment they still have an article on their website (in German) including 3 nice photos Paul at Campfire playing acoustic guitar and singin... (more)
1997-Apr-29Opening party for Flaming Pie
photosYesterday Monday 28th of April there was a BIG opening party for the album "Flaming Pie" in Bonn Germany organized by EMI. A selected audience was given a listen to the complete album. Paul did not attend but has sent a pre-taped vid... (more)
1997-Apr-28Young Boy single released. Linda cured
Today the single "Young Boy" was released and available in most countries. Unfortunately not yet in southern Germany - I am yet to hear if anybody in Germany managed to buy it today. In the U.K. there are two different 3 track CD singl... (more)
1997-Apr-24Updated Tracklisting
Simon van der Peet from the Dutch magazine Maccazine has seen the booklet of the CD Flaming Pie and gave me the correct timings etc. which can be found here.... (more)
1997-Apr-23VH1 Press Release
Paul McCartney's Town Hall Meeting to air live on VH1 McCartney will answer questions from fan in the audience and via Internet One hour special followed by worldwide online chat VH1 will broadcast live in the U.S. UK Germany and on the Web S... (more)
1997-Apr-19New European release date
(hg) Simon van der Peet from the Dutch magazine Maccazine reports that according to EMI Holland the European release date for the album Flaming Pie is the 5th of May. He was also given the chance to listen to the album twice and reports tha... (more)
1997-Apr-16The Official Paul McCartney Homepage
Sir Paul now has his official homepage - it's hosted by MPL Communications Inc.: It starts off quite comprehensive (although only considering US releases) and there is an endless number of audio files (Real Aud... (more)
1997-Apr-15Flaming Pie release date likely to change
The proposed release date of the album "Flaming Pie" is most likely to change from May 20 in the United States. According to Beatlefan at one point it was considered to change to the 13th of May. [Editor's note: a rep... (more)
1997-Apr-11Young Boy CD single - limited collector's edition
Evelyn Schwarz co-publisher of the German magazine Beatlemania reports: "The EMI Germany newsletter concerning Young Boy has the usual promo stories every radio station tells. But it concludes with the announcement that a limite... (more)
1997-Apr-11Rooftop concert #2
(hg) Paul has been playing live on the rooftop of the MPL building at 1 Soho Square London last Friday 11th April. It was filmed for inclusion in his TV documentary which will be broadcast in May (on May 18 on ITV in the U.K.). T... (more)
1997-Apr-09Details on the U.K. CD Maxi-Singles
photosAccording to Matt Hurwitz publisher of Good Day Sunshine Magazine the first singles from "Flaming Pie " (as noted before) will be "The World Tonight" in the U.S. and "Young Boy" in the rest of the world. Th... (more)
1997-Apr-09Two "Flaming Pie" songs in movie "Father's Day"
According to Good Day Sunshine Magazine two songs from "Flaming Pie" will be included in Warner Bros. new film "Father's Day " which will be released May 9. Both singles from the album "The World Tonight" a... (more)
1997-Apr-09Single release dates
According to Good Day Sunshine Magazine the British singles of "Young Boy" will be out on April 28th. The April 17th date for "The World Tonight" is the "radio date" - the date that "DPRO" singles a... (more)
1997-Apr-08Big interview in this week's "Billboard Magazine"
This week's edition of Billboard Magazine has lots of info on Flaming Pie an interview with Paul and some notes on the 1h TV special. It's worth seeking out. And there's quite a bit of critizism on the guys that have the saying in the record indu... (more)
1997-Apr-07Young Boy promo out
From what I got to know the CD promo singles were delivered to radio stations last Saturday by courier. Throughout this day I could hear the song "Young Boy" on several radio stations several times. They also mentioned that this song... (more)
1997-Apr-06Young Boy premieres on UK Radio
Richard Porter from the London Beatles Fan Club reports: Sir Paul will be on the Pepsi Chart show today (Sunday) around 6pm co-hosting the top 10 and playing the new single 'Young Boy' -the first time it's been played anywhere in the world -tune i... (more)
1997-Apr-05Young Boy written "off the cuff"
AP reports that Sir Paul McCartney said in a radio interview (to be broadcast Sunday along with the first broadcast of the record):"Young Boy was written like one of the early Beatles tunes - quite quickly quite easily and off the cuff. You... (more)
1997-Apr-04Summary of recent facts and rumors
Singles Good Day Sunshine magazine reported about a week ago: No word yet on B-side titles but here's a little about the configuration. As we've already seen posted there will likely be two CD Maxi-Singles in England with two different sets o... (more)
1997-Apr-03Flaming Pie homepage
Capitol Records have set up a homepage (with cover art) for the upcoming Flaming Pie album. It can be found at: Hopefully there will be further updates soon!... (more)
1997-Apr-01Release formats of single
photosThe single "Young Boy" will be released on 28 April in the following formats (in the U.S. the single is "The World Tonight"!): Country Part No. Format Tracks... (more)


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