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1997-Jul-08TV update - NBC 'Today'
NBC Today (runs from 7-8am in the US and from 8-9am in Europe) is showing pre-recorded interview portions of 5-10 minutes length each this Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Make sure you don't miss them! NBC Europe is one day behind with the 'Today... (more)
1997-Jul-062nd European single; TV update
photos2nd European single The release date is Monday 07 July 1997 (United Kingdom)For the various different formats please see "Jun 26 1997: 2nd European single". Here are the tracks of the two CD singles which will only b... (more)
1997-Jun-30Paul on NBC's "The Today Show" for 3 consecutive days
"Paul McCartney will be appearing on NBC's "The Today Show" on *three* days next week - Monday 7/7 Tuesday 7/8 and Wednesday 7/9. An NBC publicist told me he should be appearing during the 7:30 half hour on all three days.... (more)
1997-Jun-27Paul live on UK TV show
WANTED: Please I would really like to trade for a video copy of this show! I am still waiting for offers! Note: This is a summary of what I learned from various postings on RMB and Macca-L (Colin B. Lynn D.). Paul was on UK's Channel 4 TFI Fri... (more)
1997-Jun-27Paul announces Art Exhibition in Germany
photos(recorded 24 June 1997) Today the German music channel "VIVA" showed a short interview portion with Paul while "Young Boy" was playing in the background. There were a couple of seconds of the promo vid... (more)
1997-Jun-262nd European single
1997 will be a very expensive year for the Macca completist: The next European single will the The World Tonight. The one track promo CD was shipped this week. As far as the release date is concerned I have two contradictory reports. One says it... (more)
1997-Jun-25Late Night with Conan O'Brien
There is some new information about the appearance of Paul especially as far as the date is concerned: Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine Magazine reports: "I just spoke with Conan O'Brien's chief publicist who told me Conan will b... (more)
Updated the chart information below. Flaming Pie Promotion: Paul has agreed to appear on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien". A crew from the NBC show will fly to the U.K. for the June 30 segment. Paul is also said to have an interest in be... (more)
Charts (last update 23 August) Flaming Pie Album week 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34... (more)
1997-Jun-04Biggest success in 27 years: Flaming Pie enters US charts at #2
In the week ending June 1 Flaming Pie has sold over 121 000 copies in the US and debuted in the US charts in second position. The Spice Girls still top the charts with 137 000 copies sold but Paul's album was only released on Tuesday so next week... (more)
1997-May-29Flaming Pie went "Gold" after 3 days
After only 3 days 500 000 copies of Flaming Pie were sold in the United States. Congratulations this means Flaming Pie will probably be #1 in next week's charts. [NOTE: this number reflects the number of CDs sold by wholesale to the shops not t... (more)
1997-May-27US release of Flaming Pie
In the United States the Flaming Pie album was finally released today. Best Buy again did their best to promote this CD. Not only was it on sale but also the first 75 customers got a free copy of the Oobu Joobu - Ecology CD. Reportedly there wer... (more)
1997-May-21Paul McCartney reveals book of never-recorded Lennon/McCartney songs
(This is a fax by Geoff Baker Paul's publicist forwarded by Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine Magazine) On the eve of the U.S. release of his new solo album "Flaming Pie " Paul McCartney has revealed that he owns a book o... (more)
1997-May-211974 Lennon/McCartney session tape "found"
(hg) Last Saturday Paul did not answer the question about his underwear (but D.L. did during the latest NY Beatlefest <g>). However he confirmed that a recording session with together with John Lennon and a bunch of other high-profile musi... (more)
1997-May-17Oobu Joobu giveaway
photosThroughout the USA stores of the Best Buy chain were giving out free copies of a special "Oobu Joobu" CD. The 25 first persons to ask at the service counter have received one copy each. This Oobu Joobu CD is a special down-edited (does... (more)
1997-May-17"Town Hall Meeting"
photosThis Saturday Paul answered a few of the 3 million questions submitted by email phone or postcard. This chat was broadcast live by VH1 in the USA UK and Germany. It was also broadcast via internet as was the foll... (more)
1997-May-16Latest on "Town Hall Meeting"
"McCartney's Town Hall Meeting'' will feature McCartney at The Bishopsgate Memorial Hall in London answering questions submitted from the audience and also via internet phone and mail. The event will be followed by a 30-minute world-wide on... (more)
Flaming Pie entered the UK charts at pole position! Congratulations Paul! Well at least as far as the ITV charts are concerned. Both MTV and BBC still list the Spice Girls as number one and Flaming Pie is two. Last week Young Boy entered the U... (more)
1997-May-05Report on German TV RTL/Explosiv Magazine
photosThe German TV boulevard magazine RTL Eplosiv had a report with exclusive interview today: Commentator on Ex-Beatle Paul being the wealthiest musician in the world. Shock: Linda's breast cancer - Paul at campfire "Calico Skies" then in S... (more)
1997-May-05Flaming Pie released in Europe
photosThe album Flaming Pie has been released in Europe today (in some countries like Holland and Italy it was available on May 3rd) - even in Germany ;-) But the video Young Boy is still not played on MTV VH1 Germany Viva nor on Viva II. Shame on yo... (more)


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