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2006-Mar-09Sir Paul's Letter to the Governor of Arizona
On March 3d Sir Paul a letter to Janet Napolitano the governor of Arizona asking her to oppose the building of an animal testing lab. The drug developer Covance Inc. plans to build a 400 000-square-foot facility for clinical animal... (more)
2006-Mar-03Stella Launches her Fall-Winter 2005/2006 Collection in Paris
At 10:00 this morning Stella McCartney launched her fall-winter 2005/2006 collection in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel in Paris. Although her father wasn't there to cheer her on - he was off in Canada saving the seals - Stella is con... (more)
2006-Mar-02Sir Paul and Heather Attempt to Save the Baby Seals
Today Sir Paul and Heather flew to the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence off the east coast of Canada to join The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in their efforts to save the baby seals. In a few weeks newborn harp sea... (more)
2006-Feb-26Sir Paul's Children Sued for Sale of Family Art
Today's Sunday Times reports that Sir Paul's children Stella and three their relatives are being sued for a share of the money raised from the sale of the art collection of their late maternal grandfather Lee Eastman. Linda McCartne... (more)
2006-Feb-26The McCartneys and IZ
Sir Paul and Heather have obtained a license to use Israel Kamakawiwoole's beautiful recording of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for use in their anti-fur campaign. The tune recorded by the late Hawaiian performer also known... (more)
2006-Feb-21Sir Paul and Tony Bennett's Birthday Album
In celebration of his 80th birthday next August singer Tony Bennett will record a duet with Sir Paul. The album scheduled to be released next September will also include duets with Bono Sir Elton John George Michael Sting and Mary... (more)
2006-Feb-20Sir George and Yesterday
Today's Express reports that songwriting credits for Sir Paul's famous Yesterday should be shared with Beatles producer Sir George Martin. Sir George recalls: "We didn't know what to do with it. It was such a soppy tune so I we... (more)
2006-Feb-18LIPA Is A Sentimental Thing for Sir Paul
Music Week reports that during a press conference held to mark the 10th anniversary of the Liverpool Institution of Performing Arts (see January 31) Sir Paul stated that he remains one of its firmest supporters: (more)
2006-Feb-10Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road
On Monday February 27 PBS will air Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road as part of their "Great Performances" series. Last July Sir Paul returned to theAbbey Road studio to perform and reminisce before a small studio audience.... (more)
2006-Feb-10A Chance to Win a McCartney Car
Sir Paul's one-of-kind special signature edition Lexus automobile is currently on exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show. Even if you are not in Chicago you still have an opportunity to win the car. As part of a benefit project for Sir Paul's... (more)
2006-Feb-08Sir Paul at the Grammys
Sir Paul rocked the Grammy Award ceremony this evening performing a total of three tunes including a surprise collaboration with Chester Benington of Linkin Park and rapper Jay-Z. The trio performed Yesterday with Sir Paul and Chester Benin... (more)
2006-Feb-02Sir Paul to Perform at the Grammys
It was announced today that Sir Paul will perform during next week's Grammy Awards ceremony. Although Sir Paul has won 13 Grammy Awards he has never performed at the awards ceremony. This year he has been nominated for three awards inclu... (more)
2006-Jan-31The LIPA 10th Anniversary Celebration
Sir Paul his wife Heather and brother Mike were in Liverpool last evening to participate in the celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the official launch of Liverpool's Capita... (more)
2006-Jan-29Heather Says She Was Destined to Be Paul's Wife
In a recent interview Heather Mills McCartney revealed that when she met Sir Paul she hated the celebrity attention until it started to benefit her charity work: "It was like I love this man but I want out of this life complet... (more)
2006-Jan-29Still More Surgery for Heather
Earlier this month it was announced that Heather Mills McCartney was scheduled to undergo some remedial pelvic surgery sometime this month (see January 8). Now it has been confirmed that Heather also requires some additional surgery o... (more)
2006-Jan-27Stella's Evening Standard Interview
Sir Paul's daughter Stella has granted a rare interview to London's Evening Standard during which she revealed how her mother inspired her to become a vegetarian and environmentalist: "For me vegetarianism is based on ethic... (more)
2006-Jan-27Looking Forward to LIPA 10th Birthday Celebration
On Monday January 30 Sir Paul will be in Liverpool to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a gala performance featuring 250 students and some of their celebrity patrons. Al... (more)
2006-Jan-26Heather Expresses Her Respect for Linda
Heather Mills McCartney has made it known that she respects her husband's late wife Linda more than Sir Paul because she was a campaigner who didn't care about money. She says that she and Linda would have been good friends: "Sh... (more)
2006-Jan-25Will Sir Paul Lose His Log Cabin?
Sir Paul has been ordered to tear down a log cabin on his estate in southern England. The Rother District Council said its planning committee refused to give Sir Paul planning permission for the cabin which was built on the grounds of hi... (more)
2006-Jan-24Heather's Ultimatum
Heather Mills McCartney has told the Observer magazine that Sir Paul had to make a choice between marrying her and smoking marijuana. She claims that Sir Paul was used to smoking pot like others drink tea: "Him and Linda smoked... (more)


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