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Wings Over America
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2000-Nov-09USA Today Interview
As his New York art exhibit draws to a close this evening Sir Paul disclosed in a telephone interview with the USA Today newspaper that his work has even impressed the art experts: "There was surprisingly little vitriol.  There wer... (more)
2000-Nov-06A TV Guide Tribute
photosToday the American magazine TV Guide pays tribute to the Beatles with four separate collector's magazine covers featuring John Paul George and Ringo. The magazine is also introducing online the first-ever exclusive collector's cover resembling... (more)
2000-Nov-03Sir Paul on Prime Time
Sir Paul was in New York city last evening  to attend the opening of the first exhibit of his artwork in the United States.  The show is being held in the spacious white-walled sun-filled Matthew Marks Gallery which is said to... (more)
2000-Nov-01"Dot-Come Together" -
It's official!  EMI announced today that on November 13th (the release date of 1) the Beatles will launch their first official website.   A year in the making the project combines ideas contributed by Sir Paul McCartney Georg... (more)
2000-Oct-26Vote for Paul!
photosPETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in the US) has launched an online campaign to find the sexiest vegetarian alive. Sir Paul is included on the list of 32 candidates (as is daughter Stella). Here's your opportunity to c... (more)
2000-Oct-24A Surprise for Stella
photosSir Paul was in New York city on Friday to surprise his daughter Stella presenting her with the VH1/ Vogue Fashion award as Designer of the Year for her work at Chloe. That wasn't his only surprise for Stella!   Next he open... (more)
2000-Oct-20Liverpool to stage Sir Paul's First Big Art Show
Sir Paul has announced that next year his beloved home city of Liverpool will host the first comprehensive exhibition of his art work.  The show will be the first to be held in the Walker Art Gallery's new special exhibition galleries... (more)
2000-Oct-13News Update
        October 13   Opportunity for an Art Chat with Sir Paul! In a statement yesterday Sir Paul invited his fans to join him in a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of his latest art exhibition at the... (more)
2000-Oct-02A Linda Memorial on the Mull of Kintyre
Sir Paul has has commissioned the creation a life-size statue of his lovely Linda to be displayed in the Linda McCartney Memorial Gardens near their Mull of Kintyre home. The bronze figure will be the work of sculptress Jane Robins dau... (more)
2000-Sep-28Sir Paul Opens the First British Exhibition of His Artwork
Sir Paul had some interesting comments to share at the opening of the exhibit of his paintings at the Arnolfini Art Gallery in Bristol: "I always liked drawing as a kid and I liked the idea of painting but I felt there was so... (more)
2000-Sep-18News Update
Sir Paul Talks about his Paintings. On Saturday September 16th the Daily Telegraph (London) published a portion of a longer interview which appears in the Autumn 2000 edition of the journal Modern Painters in which Sir Paul shares his... (more)
2000-Sep-15News Update
photosSir Paul and the Red Squirrels Sir Paul is lending his artistic talents to raise awareness to the plight of the endangered red squirrel by taking part in a "scribble a squirrel" charity auction which is currently taking place on... (more)
2000-Sep-13News Update
Byline: Paul McCartney Three articles with a Paul McCartney byline appeared in the September 12 issues of the Times (London): Fond memories of John Lennon ANY MINUTE now it is going to be what would have been my mate John's... (more)
2000-Sep-09News Update
photosNext "Paintings" Exhibition in Bristol England Paul's Paintings Exhibition was a huge success with its world premiere in Siegen Germany last year (see my report from the opening). The Arnolfini Arts Complex in Bristol will... (more)
2000-Aug-16Liverpool Sound Collage - new album
photosAs reported on this site earlier this year Peter Blake's exhibition at Liverpool's Tate Gallery has been accompanied by some very special music prepared by Sir Paul McCartney! These recordings are now being made available to the public... (more)
2000-Jul-09Cavern Gig Rebroadcasts
Paul's December 1999 45 minute Cavern Club Performance - which set a new record for internet broadcasts - is currently being rebroadcast at The broadcasts last for 24 hours and begin at noon (EDT) on these dates: Friday June 30&... (more)
2000-Jun-12New Paul Song "Maybe Baby"
photosThe Soundtrack album to the new UK movie "Maybe Baby" contains a new song by Paul McCartney: "Maybe Baby." Paul's cover version of this well-known song really rocks. Unfortunately this soundtrack album has only been... (more)
2000-May-22News Update
Signed Poster Auctioned Matt Hurwitz of GDS tells us: Classical radio station KDFC-FM in San Francisco is auctioning off a "Working Classical" poster autographed by Paul McCartney. The auction benefits The Garland Appeal which... (more)
2000-Apr-24Liverpool's Paul McCartney Weekend
It's a whole weekend of celebrations. On Saturday morning (17th June) the here-there-everywhere tour of Macca's Merseyside will begin with a lonnnnngggg tour one of the highlights being a picnic lunch at The Linda McCartney playground de... (more)
2000-Apr-10It was 30 years ago today...
Q: "Do you forsee a time when Lennon-McCartney becomes an active songwriting partnership again?" McCartney: "No." This was printed in a press release enclosed with advance copies of Paul's first solo album "McCa... (more)


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