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2001-Jan-21Congratulations, Sir Billionaire!
Thanks to the huge success of the Beatles "1" compilation album and his inheritance from Linda's estate the British press reports that Sir Paul is about to become the world's first pop star billionnaire!   He is alread... (more)
2001-Jan-11Sir Paul in India to Attend a Mega Hindo Festival
Sir Paul accompanied by "a posse of private security men" is in New Delhi to attend the Maha Kumbh Mela the world's largest religious gathering.  The 42-day festival being held in the northern town of Allahabad is expected... (more)
2001-Jan-04Another Grammy?
Sir Paul's Liverpool Sound Collage has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the best alternative music album category.... (more)
Sir Paul has contributed some new classical compositions to the "Music of Hope" an album recorded to benefit the American Cancer Society.  Featured on the CD will be a new classical composition called "Nova"  ... (more)
2000-Dec-20Sir Paul lends a hand to veggie campaign
Once again Sir Paul will be featured in a new ad campaign in support of PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).     The clip will feature Sir Paul feeding a bottle of milk to a lamb saying: "The best id... (more)
2000-Dec-14"It's just like the Sixties again!"
"It's just like the Sixties again. Beatlemania is Back!" proclaimed Sir Paul as paparazzi snapped fans screamed and young girls collapsed in tears at his first-ever book signing at Waterstone's in Picadilly London yesterday.&n... (more)
2000-Dec-13Paul book-signing - a report
photosAn eye-witness account of proceedings at the book signing of "Paintings" by Paul at Waterstones book shop in Piccadilly - by Graham Calkin (   (interspersed with some snapshots made... (more)
2000-Dec-08Paul at Work on New Album
In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the death of this friend John Lennon Sir Paul has issued the following statement: "It is shocking to think that John was killed 20 years ago. If he was alive I'd be chuffed to let him know... (more)
2000-Dec-05A Book-signing at Waterstone's
On Wednesday December 13 Sir Paul will attend an hour-long book-signing (his first ever) at Waterstone's in Piccadilly London to promote his book Paul McCartney Paintings.  Sir Paul announced: "I'm very proud of this b... (more)
2000-Dec-04Paul's Year for Linda
SIR Paul has pledged to dedicate the next 12 months celebrating the life and work of his beloved Linda.   His plans include publishing two new books of Linda's photographs many of which are previously unseen.   The foreword... (more)
2000-Nov-30Live at the Cavern Goes Public
America's Public Television networks will air last year's PAUL MCCARTNEY: LIVE AT THE CAVERN  as part of this season's pledge drive.  On the play list:   "Party"  "What It Is"  "... (more)
2000-Nov-27"Respect the Value of Music"
British songwriters have launched a campaign against free down-loadable music on the internet warning that it threatens the British music industry.   Sir Paul will participate in this week long media campaign by British Music Rights to... (more)
2000-Nov-26Mary's Black & White Album
photosIn an article appearing in today's New York Times magazine Linda's long-time friend Brian Clarke (you may recall his magnificent glass fleur-de-lis tribute to Linda) reveals that daughter Mary has inherited many of her mother's traits: he... (more)
2000-Nov-26Paul to Be Honored in New York City
Sir Paul will receive the Angel of Hope award from the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research during a ceremony at the Angel Ball to be held on Thursday November 30 at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York city.  Also to be honored... (more)
2000-Nov-25is # 1!
For the first time in four years the Beatles are going to the top of the Billboard album chart. The Beatle compilation album 1 will debut at # 1 in the charts published in the Dec. 2 issue of Billboard. The collection of hit singles is se... (more)
2000-Nov-24Remembering Lovely Linda, the Animal's Angel
Cherie Blair (the Prime Minister's wife and Liverpool native) officially opened a 4 million cancer centre named after Linda McCartney.   The unit admitted its first patients last month - some seven years after the Forget-Me-Not Appea... (more)
2000-Nov-22Another Hard Day's Night
photosOn December 1 Miramax is planning a rare theatrical rerelease of a remastered edition of the 1964 Beatle classic A Hard Day's Night.    Not only will audiences be able to enjoy a pristine print of the film mastered from a r... (more)
2000-Nov-13From the New York City interviews
Sir Paul granted a few interviews during his brief exhibit at the Matthew Marks Gallery last week in New York City. After signing 600 of his prints in a single day he was feeling a bit overhelmed: "I always agree and suddenly find mysel... (more)
2000-Nov-12Yes, Yes, Yes?
photosOn the eve of the release of the Beatle's greatest hits album  Sir Paul revealed to the British Sunday Mirror that his father didn't approve of his lyrics: "She loves you yeah yeah yeah..." "Son there are e... (more)
2000-Nov-11Paul the Poet
photosSir Paul has signed a contract with Faber & Faber to publish a collection of his song lyrics and poems. The book Blackbird Singing: The Poems and Lyrics of Paul McCartney will be edited by Sir Paul's old friend and celebrated poet Ad... (more)


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