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Wings Over America
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2001-Apr-30GMA, part 1
The Good Morning America program is featuring a weeklong series of interviews with Sir Paul.  The topic of the first installment was the death of John Lennon: "Like everyone I was just totally shocked and horrified that this gre... (more)
2001-Apr-30The Paradox of Sir Paul
His "millions" of Liverpool relatives ("in fact they're breeding as we speak") would never dream of calling him Sir Paul he told the Manhattan audience at his poetry reading last week.  Such humility poses an int... (more)
2001-Apr-30Autograph Signing in Berlin, Germany
According to a report of the German news agency dpa from last Wednesday Paul McCartney will be in Berlin Germany on Monday May 7th in order to promote the new double-CD Wingspan and to conduct an autograph signing at a yet-to-be dete... (more)
2001-Apr-30Wingspan Websites
photosJust like with Paul's last albums (Flaming Pie Liverpool Sound Collage) or the Beatles record-breaking compilation "1" the internet is being used for promoting Wings' upcoming "Greatest Hits and More" 2CD package and TV speci... (more)
2001-Apr-28Sir Paul vs. McDonald's
Sir Paul has announced that he will refuse to appear as a guest on Chris Evans' Virgin Breakfast Show on May 11 unless he is assured that there will be no mention of McDonald's on the broadcast that day.  Sir Paul had agreed to appear on the... (more)
2001-Apr-26"Oh, this is fun!"
For only "the second time in the universe" Sir Paul treated an audience to a reading of selections from his new Blackbird Singing poetry book . "Oh this is fun " Sir Paul exclaimed as each poem was greeted with rapturous appla... (more)
2001-Apr-26A Japanese Bonus Track
An interview with Tokyo's Daily Yomiuri Sir Paul revealed that a bonus track will be included on the Japanese release of his Wingspan CD. Sir Paul is also pleased with the timing of the release of the Wings project: "We couldn't have planned... (more)
2001-Apr-25Memories of the Japanese Prison
After 21 years Sir Paul has revealed some of the details of his experience following his arrested at Tokyo airport in 1980 when customs officers seized marijuana from his suitcase.  During an interview for the Wingspan documentary he told h... (more)
2001-Apr-24The McCartneys do New York City
While Stella McCartney was arriving hand-in-hand with Gwyneth Paltrow for the festivities inaugurating the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exquisite exhibition Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years her father was attending a gala on the... (more)
2001-Apr-24Poetry Reading in New York City
Sir Paul's poetry reading/interview is sold out!  He will appear at 8:00 p.m. this evening at New York City's leading cultural center the 92nd Street Y (1395 Lexington Avenue) to discuss his poetry book Blackbird Singing.... (more)
2001-Apr-24Sir Paul Live on BBC Radio 5
On Tuesday May 8 between 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Simon Mayo debuts his new BBC Radio 5 Live program featuring Paul McCartney as his first celebrity interview guest.  ... (more)
2001-Apr-23It All Began with a Toss of a Coin
Sir Paul fondly recalls the spontaneous early days of Wings in an interview with Patrick Humphries of the Sunday Express. It all started in front of their London home when the McCartneys flipped a coin to determine if the band would travel north... (more)
2001-Apr-22Troubled Waters
The paparazzi spoiled their lovely afternoon in New York City.   Sir Paul and Heather Mills were enjoying a paddle around Central Park in their row boat when they spotted a photographer hiding in the bushes.  Sir Paul was forced in... (more)
2001-Apr-21New York's Adopt-a-Mindfield Benefit
Last evening Sir Paul appealed to the 200 guests at a new Cherry Bar cocktail party held in his honor to open their wallets and "adopt-a-minefield" so that his dream of a world without the killer weapons can become a reality.&nbs... (more)
2001-Apr-20He's the Music World's First Billionaire
According to the London's Sunday Times' annual list of the country's wealthiest people Sir Paul tops the list as the U.K.'s richest musician.   Last year his personal fortune increased by 163 million pounds ($235 million) to 713 mill... (more)
2001-Apr-19The Meeting With Secretary Powell
Standing outside the State Department after his 9:00 a.m. meeting with United States Secretary of State Colin Powell Sir Paul reported that: "We had a really good meeting. And Secretary Powell was very helpful. And we basically expla... (more)
2001-Apr-18Sir Paul and the Super Furry Animals
A new item is about to be added to the collaborations list.   Sir Paul's unique talent will be heard on the Welsh group Super Furry Animals' new album Rings Around The World.  He has worked with the band before on a track for his... (more)
2001-Apr-17Sir Paul to Meet With Colin Powell
"I want to do what I can to re-awaken people's consciousness."   True to his word Sir Paul will be in Washington D.C. on Thursday to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to discuss the issue of land mines.&nb... (more)
2001-Apr-17A New York City Party in His Honor
photosOn Friday evening Sir Paul and Heather Mills will be honored for their work as United Nations goodwill ambassadors on behalf of Adopt-A-Minefield.  Sir Paul and Ms. Mills have been actively supporting this anti-landmine campaign in hop... (more)
2001-Apr-17Another Tribute Album for Linda
On this the third anniversary of her death it has been announced that another Linda McCartney tribute album is in the works.  This double CD will feature artists such as Britney Spears Madonna Queen the Corrs Art Garfunkel and Le... (more)


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