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Wings Over America
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2001-May-09Live at the Cavern Club coming on DVD
Today Image Entertainment announced June 19 as the release date for the highly anticipated ''Paul McCartney: Live at the Cavern Club'' on DVD and Videocassette   Both releases will contain footage from the December 14 1999 conce... (more)
2001-May-09Wings Over the Radio
The syndicated radio network Westwood 1 will air a special about the Wings phenomenon to more than 400 American radio stations.  Please consult your local listings for broadcast date and time.... (more)
2001-May-09Beatles For Sale?
Reports are circulating today that Michael Jackson is preparing to sell the rights to the songs of The Beatles back to Paul McCartney for a mere $700 million.  If the reports are true Michael would be earning a tidy profit since he o... (more)
2001-May-09Lennon and McCartney Coming to Broadway
Lennon and McCartney: the Musical Story of a Friendship That Changed the World is a new "musical biography" portraying the musical team from their first encounter in Liverpool through Beatlemania in the '60s and beyond their bre... (more)
2001-May-07The Beatles vs. Wings
In a string of recent interviews Sir Paul has been asked how he compares The Beatles with his band Wings: ''A lot of the Wings stuff the early music was in the shadow of the Beatles but as the years went by we knew we were making a re... (more)
2001-May-07Give Ireland Back To The Irish?
Although he still supports the notion of a united Ireland Sir Paul states that he does not support any violent means to attain it.  Initially his Wingspan album was to have included the controversial single Give Ireland Back To The Irish a... (more)
2001-May-07Baby, You Can Buy His Car
For Sale: Sir Paul's 1966 Aston Martin DB6.  Finished in Goodwood Green the automobile features black Connolly hide trim and black carpets and includes such options as chrome wheels heated rear screen Motorola radio with powered ae... (more)
2001-May-07Launch of Wingspan + Autograph Signing in Berlin, Germany
photosAs reported earlier on this site Sir Paul McCartney chose the capital of Germany to launch Wingspan. There was a press conference the electronic press kit was shown and finally Paul signed copies of the album for fans! He would even sign a few... (more)
2001-May-04GMA, part 5
The final installment of the interview opens with Sir Paul recalling some memorable messages: "I often say that I should write a book you know Massages of the World because I've--I've known some quite spooky ones. And three of them... (more)
2001-May-04Dreams of Collaboration
SIR Paul still seems to be interested in working with his former Beatle mates.  In a recent interview he revealed how he has recently tried to write a new song with John Lennon. How could this be?  Well after hearing John play a... (more)
2001-May-04Sonic Temple appearance
Sir Paul is scheduled to appear on a future episode of the new Canadian Satirical TV variety show Sonic Temple.... (more)
2001-May-04Julian's Tribute to Linda
Julian Lennon has recorded a cover version of the McCartney song Blackbird as a tribute to Linda.  The track will appear on the album "Two of Us a Tribute to Linda" which will be sold to raise funds for the cancer charity Le... (more)
2001-May-03GMA Interview, part 4
Today's interview focuses on memories of Sir Paul's boyhood in Liverpool: "I love Liverpool. It's my hometown. You know some people turn their back on their hometown and I think you know it creeps into songs and stuff. And I thi... (more)
2001-May-03Sir Paul Talks to The New York Times
photosIn an interview published in today's New York Times Sir Paul relates the details of a poetry lesson he received from his poet friend Allen Ginsberg during a visit to the McCartney home in Sussex: "He was all for economy.  He said to me:... (more)
2001-May-03GMA, part 3
The third edition of the Good Morning America interview Sir Paul spoke of the loss of his lovely Linda: "After Linda died I think all of us in the family would hear  noises or see things and would say 'That's Linda that's Mom... (more)
2001-May-02No, He's Not John
New Yorker magazine reports that during the interview following Sir Paul's poetry reading last week host Charlie Rose addressed Paul as John! "I'm Paul Charlie " said Sir Paul but hastened to ease the host's embarrassment by adding t... (more)
2001-May-02In Defense of Eminem
In the Spring issue of the music magazine Mojo Collections Sir Paul reveals that not only is he is a fan of the controversial rapper Eminem but also that the artist's hit Stan is one of his favorite songs: "I kinda of like Stan. I like... (more)
2001-May-01Back in London Town
Back at home from his U.S. promotional tour Sir Paul paid a visit to the Brooks Brothers store in London shopping for a tuxedo.... (more)
2001-May-01GMA, part 2
In the second installment of Sir Paul's Good Morning America interview he revealed his source of inspiration for the words of one of his most famous lyrics: "He was a--a black friend of mine called Jimmy Scott. And he--he--he used to... (more)
2001-Apr-30Some Fresh Air
Here are some excerpts from Sir Paul's interview with Fresh Air host Terry Gross: What or who was the inspiration for the song Blackbird? "Well "Blackbird" was something I wrote in the '60s and the music came from--I use... (more)


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