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2006-May-14Sir Paul Returns to Britain
The British press reports today that it was thought that Sir Paul would be reunited with Heather when he returned to Britain from France. However after arriving in London Friday evening he departed by helicopter to Lydd airport in Ke... (more)
2006-May-12Sir Paul's Solo Trip to France
Despite Heather's insistence that their marriage is secure (see May 7 ) those who have seen Sir Paul during his solo trip to the village of Beaulieu Sur Mer near Monaco in the south of France say that his face is marked with sadness.... (more)
2006-May-08The Beatles Lose Apple Law Suit
Today the Beatles' multimedia corporation Apple Corps lost its British High Court battle with Apple Computer. This means that Apple Computer may continue to use the apple logo and name on its iTunes music store web site Apple Corps ha... (more)
2006-May-07Sir Paul and Heather Address the Separation Rumors
It is widely known that during their marriage Sir Paul and Linda never spent a night apart - except for the nine days Sir Paul spent in a Japanese jail. That is why when it was learned that Sir Paul and Heather have spent five nights... (more)
2006-Apr-20Heather Returns to Her Modeling Career
Sir Paul's wife is planning to return to her fashion modeling career. Heather Mills McCartney has joined the Zone modeling agency a London-based VIP division of MOT models. Mike Illes the director of Zone announced today: "We... (more)
2006-Apr-17For Sale - Linda McCartney Foods
It is being reported today that the Linda McCartney line of vegetarian foods may be sold to the Swiss company Nestlé. The Linda McCartney line of products was launched in 1991. Heinz foods acquired the company in 1999. According... (more)
2006-Apr-15Free Entrance to the McCartney Home
Liverpool's Daily Post reports today that the National Trust will provide free entry to Beatles fans who book to visit Sir Paul McCartney's childhood home at Forthlin Road to mark Sir Paul's 64th birthday this year.... (more)
2006-Apr-15Geoff Emerick's Here, There and Everywhere
photosBeatles' recording engineer Geoff Emerick has just released his new book called Here There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles. The memoir chronicles his work with the Beatles at Abbey Road studio in London wh... (more)
2006-Apr-15Sir Paul Speaks Out Against Animal Testing
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has launched a new campaign featuring a plea from Sir Paul to put a stop to the use of animals in medical research. Sir Paul states: "Sometimes people place too much faith in pe... (more)
2006-Apr-14Michael Jackson Sells Beatles Tunes
The Chicago Tribune reports today that Michael Jackson has agreed to sell half of his extensive music publishing catalog to avoid foreclosure on several large loans. The Michael Jackson catalog which includes the rights to 251 Beatle... (more)
2006-Apr-13Beatles Tracks Being Prepared for Internet Release
Neil Aspinall managing director of Apple Corps revealed today that the entire back catalogue of the Beatles tunes is being digitally re-mastered for release on the Internet. In a written statement to London’s High Court where Apple... (more)
2006-Apr-13More on Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles
Today's Daily Variety has more to report on the new Cirque du Soleil Beatles album (see April 10). Variety reports that Sir George Martin and his son Giles have spent that last two years working on the album in the Abbey Road Studios.... (more)
2006-Apr-10Heather Recovering from Surgery
On Saturday evening a spokesperson for the McCartney family confirmed that Heather is recovering from surgery on her leg. Last Monday Heather underwent a rare surgical procedure called a "revision amputation" which involved... (more)
2006-Apr-10A Completely New Beatles Album to Be Released This Summer
According to Apple Corps chief Neil Aspinall we can look forward to the release of a completely new Beatles album. Mr. Aspinall told the Telegraph that Sir Paul Ringo Starr and Sir George Martin are working together on some unreleased... (more)
2006-Apr-09Progress on the Las Vegas Show
In Las Vegas The Mirage has completed construction on their 2 000-seat Beatles Theater. The $100 million Beatles Musical Legacy project (a partnership composed of Cirque du Soleil the Beatles' Apple Corps and the MGM Mirage) hopes to... (more)
2006-Apr-09The Beatles Capitol Albums, Volume 2 to Be Released on Tuesday
photosOn Tuesday April 11 a new Beatles CD box set will be released. The Beatles: The Capitol Albums Volume 2 features digitally remastered tracks from the four albums released by Capitol Records in 1965: The Early Beatles Beatles VI... (more)
2006-Apr-06Sir Paul, the Forgotten Beatle?
photosIn a recent interview with AARP Magazine Sir Paul confesses that he worries how history will recall his role as a member of The Beatles. In the article titled "You Say It’s My Birthday?" Sir Paul told the Associatio... (more)
2006-Apr-03Sir Paul's Tribute to Peter & Gordon
Fans of Sir Paul may recall that during the 1960s Sir Paul wrote some tunes for the brother of his girl friend Jane Asher. Peter Asher and Gordon Waller went on to have nine Top-40 hits four of which were McCartney tunes: "A Wo... (more)
2006-Mar-27Geoff Baker Claims Sir Paul Saved His Life
Geoff Baker is now talking about why Sir Paul was forced to fire him as his publicist back in 2004 (see September 12 2004). After 15 years of serving as Sir Paul's right-hand man Mr. Baker was admits that he was fired as a result of... (more)
2006-Mar-27A Last Appeal to Save the Seals
In a video message from London Sir Paul and Heather have made a desperate last minute appeal to stop Canada's controversial seal hunt. The McCartneys are supporting a license buyback program in which hunters would be compensated by th... (more)


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