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2001-Aug-15Sir Paul, Radio Pick of the Day
This evening in part six of The Bob Dylan Story (see July 11 below) Sir Paul recreates the atmosphere of Dylan's legendary 1966 world tour for BBC Radio2.... (more)
2001-Aug-13Some Good Rockin' on the Way
London-Sire Records is gearing up for the release of their tribute to the Sun Sound - Good Rockin' Tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records on October 16.  A highlight track of the album will be Paul McCartney's rendition of "That's Al... (more)
2001-Aug-13Sir Paul's Lovely Meter Maid
Even multi-millionaires don't always have the money to park their cars in Los Angeles.  Today's Mirror features a photo of Heather Mills scrounging for some loose change to fill up a parking meter as Sir Paul looks on.   The... (more)
2001-Aug-12Café Stop
Today's Sunday Express features a photo of Heather Mills looking "blissfully happy" as she gives a tender caress to Sir Paul's cheek.  The couple were spotted during the week in West Hollywood at the trendy Urth Café on Mel... (more)
2001-Aug-11Sir Paul's Russian Invitation
Sir Paul has received an invitation from software billionaire Paul Allen to join 200 of the world's rich and famous for an extravagant long weekend in St. Petersburg Russia.   Details of the three-day event are being kept a clo... (more)
2001-Aug-10Family Photos
Shortly before her death in 1998 Linda McCartney finished putting the finishing touches on a book of photographs she had taken during the previous thirty years.   Light From Within which took her two years to compile will be re... (more)
2001-Aug-09Dining on Melrose Ave
Sir Paul was spotted this evening dining with Heather Mills at West Hollywood's "new Yorkish" Italian eatery Ago (pronounced AH-go named after its chef Agostino Sciandri.)  The restaurant is owned by actors Robert De Niro... (more)
2001-Aug-08At Home in Hove
Sir Paul has purchased a one million pound early wedding present for Heather Mills.  It is a four bedroom Edwardian home in Hove Sussex.  Located not far from Sir Paul's farmhouse in Rye the house looks out across the English Ch... (more)
2001-Aug-07Happy Birthday, Irene
Irene Hansell received two wonderful surprises on her 80th birthday.  First was the surprise party given to her by her family at one of Britain's Lake District's premier restaurants.  The second surprise was from Sir Paul who happ... (more)
2001-Aug-06An Amazing Letter
An undated emotional six page hand written letter from John Lennon to Paul McCartney will soon be going up for auction at Christie's.  Beatles biographer Hunter Davies says : "It's an amazing letter. It is at a period when their c... (more)
2001-Aug-05Back to California
Members of the McCartney family arrived together at London's Heathrow airport en route to the USA.  Stella McCartney slipped quietly off to New York city while Sir Paul and Heather Mills happily smiled for the cameras as they left for... (more)
2001-Aug-04An Invitation from Her Majesty
Sir Paul has been invited to perform (free of charge) next summer (on Monday June 3) in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's fifty years on the throne.  This will be the first time her majesty has hosted a pop concert in her garden at Buc... (more)
2001-Aug-04He Can't Always Get What He Wants
Sir Paul has confessed to The London Times that during a recent stroll through Soho a piece of second-hand furniture caught his eye.  He told the reporter:  "I see the potential beauty in objects whether it's just walking o... (more)
2001-Aug-02Two Rings
According to the London Times Sir Paul will continue to wear the gold wedding band he received from Linda in 1969.  When asked if he'll wear both his old and new wedding rings on the same finger "Yeah probably" was his re... (more)
2001-Aug-01New Album: No More Blue Skies
According to several reports from agencies the new Paul McCartney album was going to called Blue Skies. Until Paul took a drive down the California coast in a rain storm.  The new 14-track album now carries the title Driving Rain and... (more)
2001-Jul-30Tuesday to Premier Next Month
Premiering next month at the Venice Film Festival will be an animated film by British director Geoff Dunbar called Tuesday.  It features the voices of Dustin Hoffman and Sir Paul McCartney.  Mr. Dunbar was also the director of Dau... (more)
2001-Jul-28A Scottish Cruise
The Scottish press reports today that Sir Paul and Heather are about to set off on a cruise around Scotland aboard a luxury yacht which is currently moored off the coast of Clyde.... (more)
2001-Jul-27Greeting Their Well-wishers
Sir Paul stepped outside his North London home today with Heather at his side to greet a gathering of the press and the public following the announcement yesterday that the couple are to be wed next year.  Sir Paul dressed in a casual... (more)
2001-Jul-26"Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are pleased to announce ..."
Today Sir Paul directed his London office to release the following statement: "Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are pleased to announce their engagement. The couple are looking forward to being married some time next year.&... (more)
2001-Jul-25Ringo Speaks
Ringo Starr appeared on ABC television's Access Hollywood program this evening to dispel the rummers about George Harrison's failing health and to share some exciting news about some forthcoming Beatle activities.  Speaking from Toronto Canad... (more)


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