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2001-Sep-28Driving Rain's Producer Speaks
According to the album's producer David Kahne Sir Paul's new Driving Rain album is going to really rock:  "It's a more aggressive record definitely.  It's got real energetic guitar songs. They're all original and there's a lot of... (more)
2001-Sep-28Sir Paul loves New York!
(update) Sir Paul announced yesterday:  "I am doing this benefit gig because to borrow a phrase I love New York." Sir Paul has a special fondness for the city since New York was Linda's home town.  Now he says that he... (more)
2001-Sep-27New York Concert Date Set for October 20
(update) Geoff Baker announced today that Sir Paul will headline "The Concert for New York" an all-star rock 'n' roll extravaganza to be held in New York City on October 20 to benefit the families of the firefighters and rescue... (more)
2001-Sep-25Listen to the upcoming single "From A Lover To A Friend"
photosYou are now officially entitled to listen to Paul's upcoming single "From A Lover To A Friend". Links to real audio and windows media player files can be found on the official homepage: Enjoy! Additional c... (more)
2001-Sep-24When the Rain Comes
Reports are circulating that Sir Paul's new solo album Driving Rain is scheduled to be released on November 12.  Son James joins his father on guitar for two of the fifteen tracks She's Given Up Talking and Rinse the Raindrops. A... (more)
2001-Sep-21Sir Paul in New York City
During a radio interview this morning with New York city's WPLJ (95.5 FM) radio's Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill Sir Paul announced that he is planning to stage a concert to benefit New York city's brave firefighters many of whom lost... (more)
2001-Sep-20RIP Dougie Millings
Dougie Millings the tailor who designed the Beatles' famous collarless suits died today at the age of 88.  In 1963 Beatles manager Brian Epstein brought the group to Mr. Millings' shop at 63 Compton Street in London's bohemian Soho... (more)
2001-Sep-10Another New York Awards Ceremony
Sir Paul was still in New York city today this time to attend an awards ceremony honoring Heather Mills for her efforts in providing land mine victims with new limbs.   Responding to reporters' questions about being a groom-to-be... (more)
2001-Sep-04"Hey, got to go to Venice"
Sir Paul and Heather Mills made an unexpected appearance today at the Venice Film Festival.  Sir Paul had been scheduled to attend the festival on Monday but had to cancel at the last minute.  However he did arrive quite approp... (more)
2001-Sep-04Say No to Milk?
Sir Paul wants children to stop drinking milk. Reports today indicate that he is backing a campaign by the animal rights group PETA telling children that milk is bad for them. On Saturday Sir Paul will be presenting the second Linda McCa... (more)
The church hall where Paul McCartney first met John Lennon 44 years ago has fallen victim to an arsonist. It took firefighters just under two hours to control the blaze at St. Peter's Church Hall in Woolton Liverpool after being alerted a... (more)
2001-Sep-01Keep Your Cell Phone Handy
While Sir Paul and Heather were dining with Gwyneth Paltrow and her boy friend Luke Wilson in Long Island's Nick & Toni's Café last week a fellow dinner approached to tell him that his son was a big McCartney fan.  Sir Paul aske... (more)
2001-Aug-30Second Thoughts about Linda's Statue
Last year we reported that Sir Paul had commissioned his cousin Jan Robins to create a life-size statue of Linda cradling a dog in her arms to be displayed in the Linda McCartney Memorial Gardens near his Mull of Kintyre home (see Octobe... (more)
2001-Aug-29The Mathew Street Hoax
Today's Liverpool's Daily Post contains a story about last week's widely circulated rumor that Sir Paul McCartney would make a surprise appearance at the Liverpool Mathew Street Festival  (specifically Monday afternoon on Castle Street... (more)
2001-Aug-28She's Going Home
In an interview published in this month's issue of the French fashion magazine Numero Sir Paul's daughter Stella talks about her new responsibilities as she prepares to launch her own designer label in October: "The main difference has... (more)
2001-Aug-25More on the Hard Day's Night Hotel
On a future trip to Liverpool you may be able to spend the night in an hotel room with a Paul McCartney theme.  As reported here in Beatletext News all those years ago (back on March 13 1977) plans were being made by Cavern Cities... (more)
2001-Aug-23All The Best Goes Multi-Platinum
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recently announced that as of July 26 of this year Sir Paul's 1987 compilation All The Best  has gone multi-platinum meaning they have certified that the album has sold over 2 million copi... (more)
2001-Aug-21Two McCartney Tribute Albums
On October 9 Oglio Records will release a tribute album featuring the solo material of Paul McCartney on an album entitled Listen To What the Man Said: Popular Artists Pay Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney. Proceeds from the sale of the recor... (more)
2001-Aug-19A Visit to New Orleans
Last Sunday Sir Paul and Heather Mills popped into the balcony of the intimate New Orleans Frenchmen Street jazz club Snug Harbor near the end of the first set of the Brent Rose Power Trio.  The couple arrived while Brent Rose's 8... (more)
2001-Aug-15Sir Paul's Celebrity Endorsement
At this summer's Edinburgh Fringe Festival The Live! Girls! Sketch Show!  is playing to packed audiences thanks to the backing of Paul McCartney.  According to the show's actress-writer Beth Kilcoyne: "We were performing our ol... (more)


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