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2001-Oct-28Sir Senior Citizen
Sir Paul has granted an interview to Saga Magazine the British journal for senior citizens. Mick Jagger was furious when he appeared in last month's issue but Sir Paul welcomes the opportunity to talk to the over 50 set about Heather... (more)
2001-Oct-27For Sale
photosVH1 and eBay have teamed up on "Auction For America" to give fans an opportunity to own some unique pieces of music history.   This week fans can go online to place bids on McCartney memorabilia including some autogra... (more)
2001-Oct-25Freedom on Driving Rain
According to EMI Germany's website Freedom Paul's most recent composition which premiered at the Concert for New York City last Saturday will be added as the trailing track to his upcoming album Driving Rain. (thanks to Evelyn Schwarz/... (more)
2001-Oct-24Sir Paul on "60 Minutes II"
Sir Paul's interview with CBS newsman Dan Rather was aired this evening.  They talked why Sir Paul organized the "Concert for New York City": "I wanted to do something. Like a lot of people I felt helpless. I'm not a fir... (more)
2001-Oct-24Breaking Records
Last Saturday's "Concert for New York City" proved to be VH1's highest-rated night in network history.  According to VH1 roughly 16 million people watched all or part of the concert nationwide between 7:00 p.m. and 12:45 a.m... (more)
2001-Oct-24More On Paul and Yoko
In his quest for top billing on the writing credits for Yesterday Sir Paul recalled another incident that took place during a visit to Vienna.  Sir Paul tells the story: "I was in a bar and I grabbed the piano player's book. I'm goi... (more)
2001-Oct-24Help for the Horses
Sir Paul and his daughter Mary have joined the Viva animal welfare workers in asking the public to back their campaign to halt a "barbaric" export trade in horses.  According to a 50-page Viva report nearly 100 000 horses po... (more)
2001-Oct-23The Concert CD
Sony Music has confirmed that November 27 has been set as the release date for the CD souvenir version of Saturday's Concert For New York City.  A film version of the show is also being prepared but Sony had not set a release date for... (more)
2001-Oct-21Party, Party, Party
After the "Concert for New York City" Sir Paul Heather and Stella joined the festivities at the Miramax after-show party which was held at the Hudson Hotel on West 58th Street.  Sir Paul and Heather were still dancing ... (more)
2001-Oct-21Back to the Ball Game
Sir Paul joined 56 374 fans in Yankee Stadium this evening to cheer the team on to victory in game 4 of the American League Championship Series.  Early in the game Sir Paul's smiling face was beamed across the scoreboard as he sang al... (more)
2001-Oct-21An incredible Paul ends Concert for NYC
photosThe concert for New York City - it's been VERY touching and heartfelt. Have you made your donation yet? Way past the scheduled five hours the nearly 30 minutes of Sir Paul performing were clearly the highlight of this concert - and definit... (more)
2001-Oct-20"I will fight for the right to live in freedom!"
In a pre-concert interview today Sir Paul told a reporter: "Like everyone else I thought I want to do something.  You know I'm not a fireman I'm not a rescue worker so there's no point in me really going down there. I've got... (more)
2001-Oct-20More treats for us privileged fans
photosIn his 3rd posting during the "Driving Rain" promotion/Concert For New York rehearsals Sir Paul posted the following message in the forum at today: BACKSTAGE FROM THE SQUARE...... (more)
2001-Oct-20Some broadcast details
The Concert For New York will start at 7 pm ET/PT - this is 1 am (on Sunday) in Central Europe.  There will be many ways to watch the concert: VH1 will air the concert commercial free in the USA and many other countries. There is a web... (more)
2001-Oct-20The Most Daunting Gig of His Life
Sir Paul says that this evening he is facing the most daunting gig of his life: "Singing is the only way I know how to help the people of New York. My kids are half American and I was in New York when it happened so I feel I am connect... (more)
2001-Oct-19The Fireman Visits the Firemen
Following his MTV appearance Sir Paul paid some surprise visits to two downtown Manhattan firehouses today distributing 100 tickets worth $2 000 each for his Madison Square Garden concert.  Sir Paul said: "We found out that some of... (more)
2001-Oct-19Sir Paul and Mayor Guiliani on MTV
Sir Paul and New York city's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appeared on MTV today on a live television show called Remember/Rebuild.   The program focused on how the tragic events of September 11th are affecting the lives of young people.... (more)
2001-Oct-19Paul's 2nd message
photosIn his second posting during the "Driving Rain" promotion Sir Paul posted the following message in the forum at  "Greetings this Friday from beautiful New York where the skis are clear a... (more)
2001-Oct-19A London Benefit
Sir Paul and Heather Mills are to be patrons of the preview benefit performance of Kiss Me Kate at London's Victoria Palace theater on October 25.   Funds are being raised for the International Rescue Committee a non-profit grou... (more)
2001-Oct-19Heroes Inspire A New Song, Freedom
Sir Paul has announced that he will unveil a new song at tomorrow evening's "Concert for New York City" inspired by the heroism of Americans in the aftermath of the terror attacks on the United States.  As a tribute to the he... (more)


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