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Wings Over America
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2001-Nov-08An Intimate London Concert
Sir Paul is planning a pre-Christmas concert in London: "I'm looking at a London gig not massive but a small gig to have a rock-out before Christmas.  I fancy that." On the play list will be songs from his new Driving Rain alb... (more)
2001-Nov-08"It's Getting Better and Better"
In an interview with The Express Sir Paul spoke for the first time about his children's difficult adjustment to his relationship with Heather Mills: "In the beginning losing Linda was a terrible tragedy for all of us. For the kids it w... (more)
2001-Nov-08Professor McCartney
One of the benefits of being a student at the Canadian Trebas Institute is the ability to transfer credits to Sir Paul's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.  One Trebas graduate Adam Fulton recalls an extraordinary experience he had wh... (more)
2001-Nov-07Sir Paul Talks About His Wedding
Sir Paul told The Mirror that he is anxious and excited about his forthcoming wedding to Heather Mills:  "We've set the date but I hope you'll understand if I don't tell you too much more." (This year?) "No... (more)
2001-Nov-07Freedom Premiere
The US premiere of Freedom will take place at 7 and 9 a.m. (ET) on VH1.  As reported below the song has been added to Sir Paul's new studio album "Driving Rain " and will also be released as a single.  Both recordings a... (more)
2001-Nov-07Another McCartney Biography?
It is being reported that Andrew Morton (author of Her True Story the famous Princess Diana biography) is considering writing a book on Sir Paul McCartney.  Mr. Morton has recently published a controversial biography of Madonna and sa... (more)
2001-Nov-06The Source of the "Raw Edge"
Sir Paul has revealed that the new "raw edge" one hears in his voice on his new Driving Rain album can be attributed to an argument he had with a carpet salesman in Delhi India back in February: "A salesman told me that... (more)
2001-Nov-06Record-breaking Concert
The New York Times reports that Sir Paul's "Concert for New York City" has raised $30 million to date for the victims of the World Trade Center attacks making it the highest-grossing concert ever held at Madison Square Garden.&nb... (more)
2001-Nov-05Honors for Heather
This evening in Washington D.C. Heather Mills was one of five people presented with the National Rehabilitation Hospital Victory Award in recognition of their courage determination and grace in overcoming extraordinary challenges. &n... (more)
2001-Nov-03Sir Paul Honored in Vienna
photosThis evening Sir Paul was awarded the Men's World Day 2001 World Arts Award at the Imperial Hofburg Palace in Vienna Austria.  Sir Paul was honored along with Steven Spielberg Ted Turner Sir Richard Branson Luciano Pavarotti Al... (more)
2001-Nov-02Nobel Performance
It was announced today that Sir Paul has agreed to perform at this year's Nobel Peace Prize award ceremonies which be held in the 8 000-capacity Oslo Spektrum in Oslo Norway on December 11 a day after the United Nations and its Secretary-... (more)
2001-Nov-02Yes, There's a Second Charity Single!
Sir Paul announced today that he is releasing his second charity single in a week to raise money for New York's emergency services.  Freedom will be released on Monday (November 4) in the U.K. just a week after From A Lover To A Frie... (more)
2001-Nov-02Role Models
In an interview with Marie Claire magazine Trudie Styler wife of singer Sting revealed that Sir Paul and Linda have served as the couple's ideal role models in raising their four children.  Ms. Styler said it is difficult for a weal... (more)
2001-Nov-01Thoughts on Afghanistan
Sir Paul and Heather Mills joined Vietnamese Ambassador Vuong Thua Phong at the Royal Albert Hall in London this evening for the launch of of a new partnership between the Adopt-A-Minefield charity and the Mines Advisory Group. Heather to... (more)
2001-Oct-31Sir Paul, Essayist
Sir Paul has agreed to contribute an "inspirational essay" to a collection being gathered by  Marlo Thomas for Simon & Schuster called  "The Right Words at the Right Time".  The book will be a collecti... (more)
2001-Oct-31Yesterday on Exhibit in Australia
Paul's handwritten lyrics for Yesterday will join an ensemble of priceless objects for the Australian National Library's Treasures free exhibition which opens on December 7.  The National Library has begged borrowed charmed and cajol... (more)
2001-Oct-30Mary's First Show
Sir Paul was on hand this evening for the launch of his daughter Mary's photography exhibition at London's Hempel Hotel where GBP 30 000 was raised for the Haven Trust a charity that provides advice and assistance to cancer sufferers and... (more)
2001-Oct-30From a Lover to a Friend Debuts at No. 30
According to Billboard Magazine Sir Paul enters his fifth decade on the Adult Contemporary chart with From a Lover to a Friend  debuting at No. 30 this week.  This is first new McCartney recording to appear on the Adult Contempor... (more)
2001-Oct-29A Pre-concert Automobile Accident
It has been revealed that before the big Concert for New York City Sir Paul was injured in an automobile accident.   On October 15 Sir Paul and Heather Mills were driving their  brand new Lincoln Mercury Hertz rental car th... (more)
2001-Oct-29Talking about Freedom
photosIs there is a new new McCartney single?  It seems that Capital Records has determined that Freedom the tune written by Sir Paul on the day after he witnessed the terrorist attacks on New York city is a more appropriate choice as the... (more)


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