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Wings Over America
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2001-Nov-17Concern Over New Biography
Now that biographer Andrew Morton (see November 7 below) has decided that he has something to add to what has already been written about Sir Paul by Hunter Davies Philip Norman Barry Miles and the Beatles themselves in the Beatles Anthol... (more)
2001-Nov-1733 Is Too Old?
Britain's breakfast show GMTV canceled Monday's Driving Rain publicity chat between 33-year-old  host Kate Garraway and Sir Paul after he reportedly rejected her for being "too old" claiming she wasn't right for his "... (more)
2001-Nov-15Normally, He's A Pacifist
Before his interview with Gavin Martin of the London newspaper The Independent Sir Paul took a "bracing late autumn afternoon horse ride" through the Sussex countryside "just getting the smell of nature back in my lungs again after... (more)
2001-Nov-14Sir Paul Sells Freedom online
Sir Paul announced today that he is donating all proceeds from the on-line sales of his new tracks Freedom From a Lover to a Friend and From a Lover to a Friend (remix) to benefit the rescue workers and the victims of the September 11 ter... (more)
2001-Nov-14He's Not As Busy As He Seems
This has been a busy year for Sir Paul.  He's been recording albums publishing a poetry book giving poetry readings staging art exhibitions overseeing the Wingspan album and documentary and helping Heather with her campaign against land m... (more)
2001-Nov-13"I couldn't believe what I was seeing."
Last evening Sir Paul had more to say about the New York air disaster he witnessed from the Concorde window.  As he saw the black smoke billowing from the wreckage he cried: "Oh Christ not again.  You thought bloody hell. It'... (more)
2001-Nov-13"Oh God, not again"
Once again Sir Paul has witnessed a New York disaster.  Sir Paul's Concorde flight from London landed in New York City just minutes after the American Airlines jetliner went down over Queens this morning.  Sir Paul spoke minutes after la... (more)
2001-Nov-13Download Driving Rain Album Sampler
photosOn Paul McCartney's homepage a very nice Driving Rain album sampler featuring previews of all 16 tracks is available for download (approx. 2.5 MB)... (more)
2001-Nov-13The Watch Camera Photos
The disk sleeve of the new Driving Rain album features 28 grainy pictures taken by Sir Paul himself with this tiny Casio watch-camera.  The photos were snapped as Sir Paul traveled across the U.S.A. to promote his poetry book Blackbird Singin... (more)
2001-Nov-12Happy Thanksgiving
American radio listeners will have something special to listen to during Thanksgiving week.  Matt Hurwitz reports that MJI Broadcasting in conjunction with MPL Communications   will present a two-hour behind-the-scenes look at Dr... (more)
2001-Nov-12A New So Bad Sounds So Good
photosLast summer 15-year-old Lindsay Pagano was in a California recording studio working on her next album called  Love & Faith & Inspiration with Jude Cole.  It just so happened that Sir Paul was recording Maybe Baby at the... (more)
2001-Nov-12Vanilla Sky Changes
First it was pulled from release so that Freedom could be added to the single.  Now From A Lover To A Friend has been pulled from the soundtrack of  Vanilla Sky to be replaced by a new Paul McCartney tune written especially for th... (more)
2001-Nov-11Tiny Bubble
Sir Paul told the Scottish Daily Record his new Driving Rain album contains a track called Tiny Bubble which was written in Scotland.   During a visit to his farm on Kintyre (where he also wrote Mull of Kintyre and  Maybe I'm Amazed)... (more)
2001-Nov-11A Kiss for Chelsea
Oxford student and presidential daughter Chelsea Clinton attended last evening's  premiere of Sir Paul's Ecce Cor Meum and was greeted with a kiss by the composer himself. This must have brought some comfort to Chelsea who says she... (more)
2001-Nov-10More Revelations
Recently Sir Paul spoke to the Daily Mail about how his relationship with Heather Mills has affected his children: "When you are married and have a family it's completely different starting a relationship and Heather and I had to be... (more)
2001-Nov-09Driving Rain a Positive Album
Sir Paul is granting many interviews this week to promote his new Driving Rain album.  This particular interview took place in an office building he recently purchased in New York City's midtown Manhattan.  Although Driving Rain is the fi... (more)
2001-Nov-09The Concert for New York City CD
Columbia Records has announced that they plan to release the double CD of the October 20 Madison Square Garden concert on November 27 with a suggested list price of $24.98 with net proceeds going to the Robin Hood Relief Fund to benefit the... (more)
2001-Nov-09Ecce cor Meum Premiere
Sir Paul's latest classical work Ecce cor Meum ( Behold My Heart) a 45 minute oratorio for choir and chamber orchestra will receive its public premiere tomorrow in a "preview" performed by the Magdalen College Choir at the Shel... (more)
2001-Nov-09A Russian Poetry Fan
The Russian McCartney fan Eugenie Evenko who hitch-hiked 3 000 miles from Siberia to Wales for Sir Paul's poetry reading this summer is in the news again.  (see May 30 below) It seems she's decided to stay in the U.K - in Liverpool to be e... (more)
2001-Nov-09Light from Within
photosLinda McCartney's last photography book Light from Within contains more than 100 previously unpublished black and white and color images including many pictures of Sir Paul and the McCartney children.  The title of the book comes from a son... (more)


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