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2001-Nov-29U.K. Concert News!
photosBBC's Radio 2 has announced that Sir Paul will perform a live and exclusive solo concert for a select audience of just 200 people on Thursday December 13 in the BBC's Radio Theater (Broadcasting House Portland Place London W1).  ... (more)
2001-Nov-29"He's a really nice guy."
In a Belfast News Letter profile of Seamus McGarvey the Irish filmmaker shares a story about working with Sir Paul on the No Other Baby video.  To film this musical tribute to Linda McGarvey and his camera had to climb into a tiny bo... (more)
2001-Nov-28Give Ireland Back to the Irish
The News of the World reports that Sir Paul still wants Ireland to be given back to the Irish.  However remaining true to his anti-terrorist position Sir Paul has stated that while he supports the aims of the IRA and would like to se... (more)
2001-Nov-28Driving Rain's Numbers
Last week Driving Rain opened at No. 26 on the Billboard chart with 66 000 copies sold. This week it has tumbled to No. 65.  Industry executives explain that these days the market is driven by pre-teens who load up on pop fluff or... (more)
2001-Nov-27Sir Paul in Germany
On December 15 Sir Paul is scheduled to make an appearance on the German television show "Wetten dass...?" (on ZDF from 20:15 CET; freely available in analogue PAL and digital on the ASTRA satellites) which is aired live from D... (more)
In an NME interview this week Sir Paul revealed that his Beatle tunes were not written under the influence of drugs: "I actually don't think you write better high. I went through a period of thinking that and it would certainly... (more)
2001-Nov-27More on the Nobel Concert
Sir Paul's appearance in the two-hour Nobel Peace Prize 100th Anniversary Concert (see November 2 below) will be televised in America on Sunday December 16 on the Popular Arts Channel TRIO at 8:00 PM EST with an edited one-hour encore p... (more)
2001-Nov-26It Was Almost A Dance Album
Knowing his new album would be competing with the works of Madonna and Britney Spears Sir Paul revealed today that before the recording of Driving Rain he considered creating a modern dance music album.  Even though he thinks it would... (more)
2001-Nov-26The Creative Power of Friendship
Researchers at the Glasgow Caledonian University claim they have scientifically proven that the friendship between Paul McCartney and John Lennon enhanced their creativity and thus served as the key to the success of the Beatles.  Thei... (more)
2001-Nov-26Tips from Heather
At the launch of the disability web site access4fitness at London's Cafe Royal the other day Heather Mills offered a tip on how to teach youngsters to overcome their prejudice against amputees. "It's important to educate children from... (more)
2001-Nov-25Good Rockin' This Week
photosThis week public television stations across America will broadcast Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records a two-hour documentary from the "American Masters" series. (Check your local listings.)  For the documenta... (more)
2001-Nov-25Born Again
On the eve of his Concert for New York City Sir Paul was asked by San Diego Union-Tribune pop music critic George Varga if the phrase "born again" could describe his journey from despair following Linda's death?  "Yeah I... (more)
2001-Nov-25Ready Steady Cook
Sir Paul and Heather Mills made an appearance at the end of Ainsley Harriot's Celebrity Ready Steady Cook (BBC1 Friday).... (more)
2001-Nov-21Heather Speaks
The London newspaper the Independent recently asked their readers to pose some questions to Heather Mills.  Here are her responses (including information on how to acquire a free Adopt-A-Minefield video featuring Sir Paul and Heather): Is fam... (more)
2001-Nov-20Listen to Sir Paul on the Radio
photosYou now have the opportunity to listen to Sir Paul's November 15th Virgin Radio interview with Pete and Geoff.  In last Thursday's thirty minute interview posted in six parts on the Virgin Radio web site Sir Paul answers questions... (more)
2001-Nov-20The Concert Album
photosThe double CD album of the Concert for New York City will be released on November 27.  Sir Paul appears on the last 4 tracks of disc 2 singing I'm Down Yesterday Let It Be and Freedom.  ... (more)
2001-Nov-20Top of the Pops
It has been eight years since Sir Paul has made an appearance on the BBC's Top Of The Pops.  Sir Paul last appeared on the program in 1993 to promote his single C'Mon People.  This week Sir Paul returns to the BBC Television Cente... (more)
2001-Nov-19A Beatles Reunion in New York City
Last week Sir Paul and Ringo Starr paid an emotional visit to George Harrison at New York's Staten Island University Hospital where he was being treated for a brain tumor.  The three surviving Beatles spent six hours chatting together... (more)
2001-Nov-18A Wedding in Scotland?
Britain's Sunday Mirror reports that Heather Mills has indicated that she would like their marriage ceremony to be held at at Skibo the historic Scottish castle where Madonna wed  Ritchie last December.   Sir Paul's friends... (more)
The critics are calling Driving Rain Sir Paul's best work in a decade.  Responding to one reviewer who referred to the daunting legacy of his work with the Beatles Sir Paul said "The truth is I should be daunted by it but I'm... (more)


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