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2001-Dec-14Heather in Disguise
In an interview to be broadcast this evening on John Daly's BBC1 chat show Heather Mills describes how last October she disguised herself as a fire fighter in order to distribute concert tickets to New York city rescue workers: "I was hidden in th... (more)
2001-Dec-14In Croatia
Sir Paul arrived in Croatia today to attend the final ceremony of the UN's Year of Volunteers at Croatia's national library in Zagreb.  During the ceremony   Heather Mills received an award >from Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan for he... (more)
2001-Dec-14Remembering George
During a television interview for BBC North West Tonight yesterday Sir Paul suggested that the best way to honor and remember George Harrison would be to create a meditation center or garden area in his name.   Sir Paul noted that a suit... (more)
2001-Dec-13Sir Paul Live on the BBC
This afternoon Sir Paul teamed up with  BBC Radio 1 presenters Mark Radcliffe and Marc "Lard" Riley for what he believes was his first live BBC performance.  (His earlier Beatles BBC sessions were pre-recorded).  Si... (more)
2001-Dec-12Vanilla Sky
photosThe album is out this week and the film opens on December 20 but you can listen to Sir Paul's new song Vanilla Sky now on the film's web page.   This song takes the place of the previously announced inclusi... (more)
2001-Dec-11Playing for Peace and for George
In his first concert appearance since the death of George Harrison Sir Paul dedicated his Nobel Peace Prize concert performance to his friend and fellow Beatle.  Sir Paul sang two songs from his new Driving Rain album Your Loving Fla... (more)
2001-Dec-10Nobel Guest
This evening Sir Paul and Heather Mills were guests at the Nobel Banquet at the Grand Hotel in Oslo Norway.  The glittering banquet was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the prestigious prize.  Sir Paul arrived amid tig... (more)
2001-Dec-10Vote for Sir Paul!
Please don't miss this opportunity to cast your vote for Sir Paul in Rolling Stone magazine's Person of the Year Poll.  You'd better get busy.  As of today Sir Paul only has 3% of the votes! The site also contains and interesting intervi... (more)
2001-Dec-10Playing for Peace
A week of Nobel Peace Prize centennial festivities including a three-day symposium attended by the Dalai Lama and 27 other peace laureates will to culminate tomorrow with a concert headlined by Sir Paul McCartney.  Sir Paul says it w... (more)
2001-Dec-09The New York City Documentary
Filmmaker Albert Maysles has confirmed that he is working on a new film about Sir Paul and the Concert for New York City.   Maysles is best remembered for his The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter documentary which chronicled the band... (more)
2001-Dec-08Sir Paul to Appear in Liverpool Next July
Liverpool's Daily Post wrote today that Sir Paul will return to his hometown next July to appear in Liverpool's Summer Pops.  The 2002 Summer Pops will be held in a 4 500 seat big top at Kings Dock.  This will be an important even... (more)
2001-Dec-07Who Is Dennis Litter?
In the days following George Harrison's death many of the articles written about his youth were illustrated with the first color photograph ever taken of  him with Paul McCartney and John Lennon.  Usually cropped out of this historic pho... (more)
2001-Dec-07More Soundtrack News
Sir Paul may soon qualify for an Oscar nomination!  According to Daily Variety the film I Am Sam with it's all-Beatles soundtrack of 17 cover versions of Beatles tunes will have an Oscar qualifying run in Los Angeles beginning on Dece... (more)
2001-Dec-05She's Not A Beatles Fan
Today the German magazine Stern quotes Sir Paul McCartney as saying that his wife-to-be Heather Mills knows very little about The Beatles:  "She doesn't know a single song. Heather grew up with classical music and had friends w... (more)
2001-Dec-02Safe from Morton's Pen
Sir Paul has expressed some concern over the possibility of becoming the subject of Andrew Morton's next book.  (See November 17 and November 7 below.)  When asked about this by Chicago Sun Times columnist Michael Seend Morton... (more)
2001-Dec-01TOTP Appearance Canceled
Due to the death of his friend George Harrison Sir Paul canceled his appearance at last evening's Top of the Pops ceremony.  Sir Paul had intended to go to the Manchester awards ceremony to perform Freedom and to accept his award as... (more)
2001-Dec-01Good-bye Ant and Dec
In a pre-recorded message Sir Paul led the tributes to Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly during the duo's final Saturday morning television show for the BBC.  Ant and Dec were reported to look stunned as they listened to Sir Paul an... (more)
2001-Dec-01More Words about George
Some reporters caught up with Sir Paul later in the day on Friday.  He had these few words to say to them about George: "I found out last night and I'm devastated obviously like everyone is. He had a long battle with his... (more)
2001-Nov-30"I am devastated"
An understandably emotional Sir Paul emerged from his St. John's Wood home in north-west London this morning to speak to reporters about the loss of his dear friend George Harrison.  Here are some of the thoughts he... (more)
2001-Nov-29Attending A London Reception (update)
This evening Sir Paul and Heather Mills attended a reception at Canada House in London to mark the fourth anniversary of the Ottawa Convention on land mines.  The benefit was held to launch the Canadian Land mine Foundation 's Night Of A Thous... (more)


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