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2006-Jun-25A Hug for Heather
Today's Sunday Mirror reports that onlookers witnessed Sir Paul tenderly kiss and embrace his estranged wife Heather Mills during their first public meeting since their separation five weeks ago. The couple sat side-by-side during a Mc... (more)
2006-Jun-22Tough Times for Sir Paul
Sir Paul's brother Mike has told The Mirror that these are tough times for Sir Paul as he recovers from his separation from Heather: "Our kid is having a tough time but he's bearing up and getting on with it. Life goes on. I... (more)
2006-Jun-20Remembering Billy Preston
The Beatles' keyboardist Billy Preston died from Kidney failure in Scottsdale Arizona on June 6 at the age of 59. Hundreds of his friends and relatives gathered in Inglewood California today for his funeral services. Mourners were read... (more)
2006-Jun-20Sir Paul in Las Vegas
Sir Paul McCartney visited Las Vegas last week for preview of the Cirque du Soleil's new Beatles production titled "Love". The cast and crew of the production sang happy birthday to Sir Paul after the performance. Sir Paul t... (more)
2006-Jun-18Today He's 64
Sir Paul celebrated birthday number 64 with a family barbecue at his estate in Sussex. Sir Paul's three grandchildren and his four eldest children presented him with a slightly off-key recording they made of his tune "When I'm 64&qu... (more)
2006-Jun-14The Martins Talk about "Love"
In an interview with USA Today Giles Martin talked about working with his father to remaster and remix original Beatles recordings for the new Cirque du Soleil production scheduled to open in Las Vegas. As a boy he admits he didn't u... (more)
2006-Jun-14Support from Ringo
In an exclusive newspaper interview with the Toronto Sun Ringo Starr pledged his support to his former bandmate Sir Paul: "I talked to him three weeks ago and I just said 'I'm here if you need me.' That's all you can be. Th... (more)
2006-Jun-14Duet with Tony Bennett
photosIt was announced today that Tony Bennett: Duets / An American Classic will be released on September 26 (see February 21). On this special birthday album Sir Paul joins Tony Bennett in their duet of the tune The Very Thought of You... (more)
2006-Jun-13Sir Paul in the USA
Sir Paul left Britain yesterday to begin a four-day business trip to the United States. Onlookers report that Sir Paul looked tired as he flashed a peace sign to the crowd upon his arrival in New York city. When asked how he was he replie... (more)
2006-Jun-09Reviving the "Liverpool Oratorio"
Carl Davis has just announced he will revive the Liverpool Oratorio which he co-wrote with Paul McCartney back in the early 1990s as part of the city's birthday celebrations next year: "In 2007 when Liverpool celebrates its big... (more)
2006-Jun-07Sir Paul Visits LIPA
Sir Paul McCartney paid a visit to his Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts to celebrated the success of Sandi Thom. The 24-year-old Scottish-born singer Sandi a 2003 LIPA graduate is the first alum to reach the top of the charts... (more)
2006-May-29The McCartneys Named UK's Favorite Celebrity Vegetarians
The results are in! The winner of the National Vegetarian Week Favorite Celebrity Veggie Poll have been announced! Sir Paul received the highest number of votes for the most popular male celebrity vegetarian. Stella McCartney was voted the... (more)
2006-May-24First Peek at LOVE
photosThe concept was born as a result of the personal friendship and mutual admiration between the late George Harrison and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte. Now the first joint artistic venture between The Beatles company Apple Corp... (more)
2006-May-21Message from Sir Paul's Publicist
Sir Paul's publicist Stuart Bell posted this statement today: "Paul and Heather are really upset that the media continue to run stories and speculate on stories that are clearly invented. This is a difficult time and they... (more)
2006-May-21Mary McCartney's GQ Photos of Her Dad
Sir Paul will be featured in the 20th anniversary issue of the British edition of GQ magazine. The photos of Sir Paul were taken by his daughter Mary who said she was thrilled yet frightened by the opportunity: "They normally pro... (more)
2006-May-20Heather in Slovenia
Heather Mills McCartney left for Slovenia today. She was spotted at London's Gatwick airport walking with the aid of a crutch and hauling her luggage. She refused the offer of a wheelchair. She was not wearing her wedding ring. According... (more)
2006-May-20A Message from Sir Paul
Sir Paul posted this message on his web site today: "One of the worst aspects of going through what Heather and I are currently going through is the malicious spreading of rumours and made up facts that is happening in some... (more)
2006-May-18A Message from Sir Paul
Sir Paul posted this message on his web site today: "Seeing that so many inaccurate stories have been written at the moment about Heather and myself all I can ask people to do is not believe them and understand that most of... (more)
2006-May-17Sir Paul and Heather Go Their Separate Ways
Sir Paul posted the following messages on his web site today: McCartney Statement - From Paul and Heather Having tried exceptionally hard to make our relationship work given the daily pressures surrounding us it is with sa... (more)
2006-May-17A Message from Sir Paul
Sir Paul posted the following message on his web site today: "Seeing that so many inaccurate stories have been written at the moment about Heather and myself all I can ask people to do is not believe them and understand tha... (more)


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