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2002-Feb-03Super Bowl Sound Check
During his New Orleans Superdome sound check Sir Paul took a few moments to meet the media to tell them how honored he was to be able to contribute to the tribute to the victims and the heroes of the terrorist attacks. Photos were snapped of him p... (more)
2002-Feb-03The Super Bowl Performance
Following a short film that traced Sir Paul from a young boy to his recent performance at the Concert for New York City Sir Paul ran across the football field acoustic guitar in hand through an entourage of screaming cheerleaders to join his ban... (more)
2002-Feb-03Super Bowl Half-time Interview
Sir Paul joined some former football heroes turned FOX TV sports announcers for an interview following U2's half-time performance ("Good Irish boys " Sir Paul called them.) During the interview Sir Paul disclosed that this was not his first footb... (more)
2002-Feb-01Las Vegas Bound?
The Scottish Daily Record reports that Sir Paul has received an invitation to perform at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel. Sir Paul's performance would replace MGM's previously scheduled main event - the April 6 boxing match between Mike Tyson and Len... (more)
2002-Feb-01Live in New Orleans (Via Satellite)
In a pre-Super Bowl press conference Sir Paul spoke to reporters in New Orleans via satellite from New York city.  From a large TV monitor he told the media that it would be great to see the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday?... (more)
2002-Jan-31Has Julian Betrayed Sir Paul?
For the first time Julian Lennon has recorded a Beatles song.  Julian has recorded his 30-second version of the Beatles' classic When I'm 64.  The disturbing thing about this is that he recorded the tune to appear in an ad for Allstate I... (more)
2002-Jan-31A New Elizabethan
British Airways in-flight magazine High Life has named Sir Paul as one of their 50 "New Elizabethans" - people who have changed society around them or caught its imagination.   The list includes world leaders pioneers icons and cultur... (more)
2002-Jan-29Heather Interviewed on Entertainment Tonight
In a television interview with Entertainment Tonight this evening Heather Mills spoke of her Adopt-A-Mine-Field campaign the rumors surrounding her wedding to Sir Paul and her return to modeling: "I'm really pleased. I was surprised that they as... (more)
2002-Jan-29Sir Paul's Access Hollywood Remarks
This evening's Access Hollywood television program followed Sir Paul to the Amnesty International Awards ceremony where they were able to ask him a few questions.  First how emotional is is going to be for Sir Paul to sing his 9/11 tribute so... (more)
2002-Jan-29Sir Paul Talks about His U.S. Tour
Sir Paul told Fox News today that he is planning to tour the United States to perform both his music and his poetry.  He told Fox News   "We're going out on tour this spring and summer to arenas."  Does this include venues like Madis... (more)
2002-Jan-29The Queen to Travel to Liverpool to See Sir Paul's Paintings
Liverpool's Daily Post reports that on July 25 Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh will travel to Liverpool to officially reopen the newly renovated Walker Art Gallery and view an exhibition of paintings by Sir Paul McCartney.  Sir Paul... (more)
2002-Jan-29Heather at Macy's on Friday
Today's New York Times reports that after a six year hiatus Heather Mills has decided to go back modeling as a means of drawing both funds and attention to her Adopt-a-Minefield campaign.  Last evening Heather was the guest of honor at a par... (more)
2002-Jan-28Heather on Good Morning America
Heather was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on today's Good Morning America.  The interview opened with Ms. Sawyer commenting that Heather appeared to be fresh and energized in spite of the fact that she had just arrived in New York from a visit t... (more)
2002-Jan-28He Loves Them Dearly
This evening Sir Paul was in New York city to receive Amnesty International's Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his work in promoting human rights.  Recently Amnesty activists have been critical of America's treatment of the Talib... (more)
2002-Jan-28Sir Paul the Artist
photosThe January 23 edition of the Liverpool Echo featured an interview with the Walker Gallery's head of fine art discussing Sir Paul's art exhibit which is scheduled to be shown from May 24 to August 4 of this year.  The show will include 70 oil... (more)
2002-Jan-24Linda's Art Show Opens Today
photosLinda McCartney once wrote that she would rather photograph "a wrinkled apple than a glamorous man "  and yet one of the main attractions of her LIGHT FROM WITHIN photography show will no doubt be the intimate family shots of her glamorous hus... (more)
2002-Jan-24AIUSA's Lifetime Achievement Award
On Monday January 28 Sir Paul will be in New York city to receive Amnesty's International's lifetime achievement award.  The award will be presented during the organization's formal 40th anniversary celebration which will be held at Manhatta... (more)
2002-Jan-21Sir Paul to Perform for the Queen
As we reported last summer Sir Paul has been invited to entertain Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her Golden Jubilee.  On the evening of Monday June 3 Sir Paul will perform for the Queen on the lawn of London's Buckingham P... (more)
2002-Jan-20No Golden Globe for Sir Paul This Year
Sir Paul did not attend this evening's Golden Globe festivities.  Perhaps he knew the best song honors were being awarded to Sting's waltz Until for the film ''Kate & Leopold"?    ... (more)
2002-Jan-20Ngawang Choephel Released
The BBC reports today that China has freed Tibetan music scholar Ngawang Choephel who has been serving an 18-year prison term on spying charges. In 1995 Mr. Choephel was in Tibet making a film on on traditional music and dance.  When he d... (more)


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