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Wings Over America
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2002-Feb-13Case Closed
Last December reports began to circulate that George Harrison had passed away in Sir Paul's Los Angeles home.  (see December 19 2001)  Several days later a spokesman for Sir Paul denied the story saying that it was "complete and utter... (more)
2002-Feb-13Sir Paul's Hero
photosTo mark the 100th edition of the music magazine Mojo Sir Paul participated in the magazine's hero survey.  Who did Sir Paul name as his ultimate hero? "I've got a few heroes but if I really have to plump for one well howsabouts .... John?&n... (more)
2002-Feb-12"It's A Great Honour..."
Sir Paul had these words to say about receiving his Academy Award nomination this morning:  "This is fantastic news. It's a great honour to be considered by the Academy for an award such as this. It's something that every songwriter that I kno... (more)
2002-Feb-12"Vanilla Sky" Receives An Oscar Nomination
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this morning that Sir Paul's song "Vanilla Sky" has received a "Best Original Song" Oscar nomination .  Other songs in the running are Randy Newman's "If I Didn't Have You" from "Monste... (more)
2002-Feb-11Announcement Delayed
Tomorrow the names of performers chosen to appear in Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee concert were to be officially announced.  However due to the death of Queen Elizabeth's sister Princess Margaret the Palace has postponed the naming the... (more)
2002-Feb-11Sir Paul's Post-Super Bowl Performance
Today New York Newsday's Liz Smith writes that following his performance at last week's Super Bowl game Sir Paul and Heather accompanied by his band and crew celebrated at New Orleans' famous Polo Lounge in the Windsor Court Hotel.  One of... (more)
2002-Feb-10Sir Paul Talks Sports
Page 22 of the February 18 2002 issue of People magazine features a color photo of Sir Paul proudly displaying his Super Bowl security badge.  The article includes a "pop quiz" in which Sir Paul was asked some questions about American sports.... (more)
2002-Feb-08Sir Paul Mourns the Loss of His Friend
Sir Paul's friend Bob Wooler the Cavern Club's resident disc jockey died today after a long illness at the age of 76. Mr. Wooler met Sir Paul back in December 1960.  Mr. Wooler spotted two young men carrying guitars waiting at a bus stop o... (more)
2002-Feb-08Plans for Australia
Sydney's Daily Telegraph reports that Sir Paul has hopes to perform in Australia later this year.   In fact the original plan was to launch the tour in Australia just has he did back in 1993 with his New World Tour.  However Sir Pa... (more)
2002-Feb-07Sir Paul's LIPA Contributions Are Recognized in A New Autobiography
Mark Featherstone-Witty principal and chief executive of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts has published his autobiography.  "I could have written a book that was called Me and My Friend Paul McCartney but didn't " he said.  In... (more)
2002-Feb-07Driving Rain-gear
The Liverpool Echo reports that Sir Paul's Driving Rain album and promotional tour has spawned some interesting souvenir memorabilia.  Just in time for Spring Sir Paul will be selling Driving Rain rain gear - everything from a "Maccabrolly' (... (more)
2002-Feb-07Heather's INC Photos
photosSir Paul had to go to Macy's department store to see them but you can view Heather's INC photos on the website.  If you wish you can even order the separates she models.  Remember a portion of the proceeds from the sales of... (more)
2002-Feb-07"The Last Song in Abbey Road"
photosAmazingly the man pictured at left shown recording his current album of "Beatlesque" songs in the Abbey Road studios is not Paul McCartney!  He is Kenny Herbert 48 from Edinburgh Scotland and his latest album entitled The Last Song in A... (more)
2002-Feb-07The Stage is Saved
First it was going to be demolished as part of a renovation project.  Then it was put up for sale (see June 12 2001) but before could be sold it was threatened by fire (see September 3 2001).  When a buyer could not be found it was on... (more)
2002-Feb-07He's A Top 10 Dad
According to a recent poll Sir Paul has placed third in a "Best Celebrity Dad" IRPC survey conducted in the U.K. Sir Paul won this honor mainly for the support he has given to his children's careers.  One McCartney supporter explained it this... (more)
2002-Feb-06"Food for Thought"
The McCartney family continues to play a leadership role in the veggie revolution.  This time Stella McCartney has written the forward to a free 20 page guide to going and staying vegetarian called Food for Thought.  In it Sir Paul's d... (more)
2002-Feb-05On the Football Field with ET and Access Hollywood
"Great crowd great event a great cause .... Freedom!"   Those were the remarks Sir Paul shared with Entertainment Tonight when they caught up with him as he hurried through corridors of the Superdome moments after his pre-game performan... (more)
2002-Feb-05Liverpool Tribute to George Planned
On February 24 the city of Liverpool will stage a memorial concert at the Empire Theatre to commemorate the life of George Harrison.  The concert will open with performances by Gerry and the Pacemakers and other Merseybeat era bands. &nb... (more)
2002-Feb-04Get Well Wishes for Bob Wooler
Sir Paul has sent get well wishes and a huge bouquet of flowers to his old friend Bob Wooler who is seriously ill in the Royal Liverpool Hospital.  On the card Sir Paul wrote "Get well soon you lovely man."  Mr. Wooler has also receive... (more)
2002-Feb-04The Drivin' USA Tour
Sir Paul has announced that in April he will embark on a 14 concert tour of the United States he calls Drivin' USA.  This will be his first tour in almost 10 years the last being his New World Tour of 1993.  Drivin' USA will begin in Cal... (more)


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