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2002-Mar-03The Hobbit Was Almost Paul
In his forthcoming memoirs At the Apple's Core Denis O'Dell reveals that more that 30 years ago the Beatles considered making a film of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.  Mr. O'Dell who would have been the film's producer would have... (more)
2002-Feb-28Someone Was Knockin' At the Door (in Liverpool)
The Liverpool newspapers are reporting today that while Sir Paul was in Liverpool over the weekend to make his surprise appearance at George Harrison's tribute concert he drove his green Jaguar over to Forthlin Road in Allerton to show Heather Mil... (more)
2002-Feb-28The Official Drivin' USA Tour Schedule
The dates have been set!  Sir Paul will be spending the months of April and May on his Drivin' USA Tour.  "I'm chuffed to be asked to stay longer on the road " says Sir Paul. "Hopefully this will make the tour more of a trip."  Here... (more)
2002-Feb-26(Unofficial) Tour News
Billboard Bulletin is reporting today that Sir Paul's Drivin' USA tour will be launched in California on April 1 at the Oakland Coliseum.  During the tour Sir Paul will perform 27 shows (including multiple dates in some cities).  Other st... (more)
2002-Feb-25An In-Flight Report
During this morning's edition of ABC TV's Good Morning America program anchors Robin Roberts Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer engaged in the following recollection following their report on Sir Paul's weekend appearance in Liverpool: ROBIN ROBERT... (more)
2002-Feb-25Princes William and Harry Will Be There
Tomorrow Buckingham Palace will launch the official promotion for the June 3 royal pop concert which will feature a performance by Sir Paul McCartney.    Today it was announced that in both Prince William and Prince Harry will join... (more)
2002-Feb-24A March Wedding?
The Sunday Mail is reporting today that Sir Paul is telling his closest friends that he will definitely be marrying Heather Mills in March. The couple plans to wed before the start of the U.S. concert tour which is scheduled to begin in April. ... (more)
2002-Feb-24Sir Paul Joins Liverpool's Tribute to George Harrison
Today would have been George Harrison's 59th birthday.  This evening Sir Paul paid tribute to his friend at a benefit concert staged in George's honor (see February 5) in their home town of Liverpool.  Before the concert Sir Paul said:... (more)
2002-Feb-23Sir Paul's Surprise Duet
Lindsay Pagano on tour to promote her first album Love & Faith & Inspiration is talking about how it happened that one of her musical heroes Paul McCartney closes the album with her in a surprise duet.  Last summer Sir Paul's fri... (more)
2002-Feb-23The Paul McCartney Encyclopedia
Former Merseybeat editor Bill Harry has disclosed that he is currently compiling the Paul McCartney Encyclopedia.  Mr. Harry was a personal friend of all of the Beatles and was first writer to promote the band in his Liverpool publication Me... (more)
2002-Feb-22For Sale
photosUpdated April 5. Christie's in London announced today that Sir Paul's incomplete manuscript of his song Hey Jude will soon be put up for auction.  The single sheet of unlined notepaper contains 19 lines of the song written by Sir Paul in blue... (more)
2002-Feb-21European Tour Postponed
The good news is that Sir Paul has decided to extend his tour of the United States.  The bad news is that his means that he will not be able to present the 15 shows he had planned to perform in five European countries during the month of May.&... (more)
2002-Feb-20The Capital of the Universe
The city of Liverpool is emerging as a front runner in the European Capital of Culture race. Conceived as a means of bringing European citizens closer together the European City of Culture initiative was launched on June 13 1985.  Since that... (more)
Is Sir Paul about to become a father again?   This is the story being circulated this week following Heather Mills' visit to a London store to purchase dietary supplements designed for expectant mothers.   Heather claims she was... (more)
2002-Feb-17Stamps for Charity
photosSir Paul has designed a set of six stamps for the Isle of Man making him the world's first musician to design a set of legal postage stamps.  The stamp bureau will be printing 170 000 of the McCartney edition which has been given royal approva... (more)
2002-Feb-17MGM's Tremendous Offer
According to the Sunday Times Sir Paul is about to become the highest paid British performer of all time.  If Sir Paul agrees to perform for one night on April 6 at the Las Vegas MGM Grand he will be paid $4 million. (See February 1) ... (more)
2002-Feb-16Yoko Strikes McCartney Line
The news from Australia is that Yoko Ono has granted her permission to Australian actor John Waters to take his one-man Lennon tribute show Looking Through A Glass Onion to Broadway early next year - but only if he deletes a line that says th... (more)
2002-Feb-15Some Lace for Heather
Ten meters of the finest Chantilly lace in a delicate shade of ecru was delivered to Sir Paul's MPL record company in New York city last week.  No doubt it will be used to create Heather's wedding gown.  The president of Solstiss Buc... (more)
2002-Feb-15"Fur and Against"
Sir Paul and his daughter Stella will appear in an anti-fur commercial which will be shown in British cinemas during London Fashion Week (February 17-21).  The commercial called "Fur and Against" was created by the Respect for A... (more)
2002-Feb-14Sir Paul Honors "Sir Rudy"
Yesterday the former mayor of New York city Rudolph Giuliani received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace.  Sir Paul joined him later in the evening at a private dinner at Kensington Roof Gardens hosted by Sir R... (more)


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