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2002-Mar-18He Wasn't Bored
Some recent news stories have hinted that Sir Paul was bored during Stella's fashion show in Paris last week  because he kept fiddling with his watch.  To set the record straight   it seems more likely that Sir Paul was snapping pict... (more)
2002-Mar-17A Let It Be Recording Discovered
Preface: Beatles collectors of course have long heard this material which has been available on various bootlegs for decades. Please consult the Members Section of this site for details on such recordings. One particular CD with the mentioned materi... (more)
2002-Mar-17Bond (Street) Girl
Recently a Sunday Mirror reporter spotted Heather Mills visiting the jewelry shops along London's Bond Street.  As England's most stylish shopping street   Bond Street's fame is legendary for a level of luxury and excellence in fashion i... (more)
2002-Mar-16EMI Experiencing Financial Woes
Update.  Stock shares in EMI rose on Friday after published reports said that on March 20 the music company will announce that it is cutting 1 000 jobs as part of a restructuring plan. EMI has been struggling in a depressed market for recorded... (more)
2002-Mar-15A June Wedding in the Hamptons?
Update! For what it's worth the British press is reporting today that Sir Paul will wed Heather Mills on June 6 in Long Island New York in a location near his home in the Hamptons.  Sir Paul's spokesman was unable to confirm the date or any... (more)
2002-Mar-14Heather To Be Honored in Chicago
On Monday April 8 Heather Mills will be presented with the Center for International Rehabilitation's Advocacy Award at their Fifth Annual Awards Dinner which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago Illinois.  The Center for Inter... (more)
2002-Mar-14A Death in the Family
Sir Paul has lost the man he refers to as "his famous cousin".  Bert Danher the Daily Telegraph's crossword puzzle compiler has passed away at the age of 75.  Bert's early fascination with crosswords was fostered by his uncle Jim McCart... (more)
2002-Mar-13Valentine's Day
For those of you who have been wondering how Sir Paul and Heather Mills spent Valentine's day today's Express has provided us with the answer. The couple spent that particular weekend in a cozy Brockenhurst hotel in New Forest Hampshire. Once Wi... (more)
2002-Mar-11Sir Paul in Paris
Update! Sir Paul and Heather Mills were in Paris today to attend Stella's second fashion show under her own Stella McCartney label. Stella presented her Autumn/Winter 2002-2003 ready-to-wear collection at 9:45 this morning the Ecole Nationale Sup&e... (more)
2002-Mar-10Sold Out - Maccamania is here again
photosTickets for Sir Paul's first North American tour in a decade created a stampede of McCartney fans on Saturday selling out by telephone and Internet within 30 minutes of going on sale.  According to a spokesman for the tour fans snapped up a... (more)
2002-Mar-09At Ease
Liverpool's Daily Post reports that during his recent visit to Liverpool to attend the George Harrison benefit concert Sir Paul stopped to dine at a local Thai restaurant.  The proprietor said that it was a great honor to host someone as famo... (more)
2002-Mar-08Sir Paul's Liverpool Art Exhibit Preview
photosLiverpool's Walker Art Gallery gave a preview today of its "The Art of Paul McCartney" exhibition featuring 70 paintings sculptures and photographs created by Sir Paul.  The gallery's curator Michael Simpson say Sir Paul's work "is always e... (more)
2002-Mar-07He May Perform at the Oscars
Sir Paul was interviewed this morning by Katie Couric on NBC's Today show.  She opened the interview by asking Sir Paul what made him want to tour now? "I just like to do it you know it's one of those things. Every so often I come out of hib... (more)
2002-Mar-07Coming in May - Vanilla Sky on DVD
The video and DVD release of Cameron Crowe's dramatic thriller Vanilla Sky has been scheduled to be released on May 21.  The DVD will include an interview with Sir Paul McCartney in which he talks about the title song he wrote for the film. &n... (more)
2002-Mar-05Heather's Commute
Heather Mills encountered a bit of a snag yesterday during her commute from her home in Hove to London.  Struggling to manage her laptop various bulging tote bags and her big adorable sheepdog Oliver she boarded the 8:44 train from Brighto... (more)
2002-Mar-05Cameron Crowe Talks About Sir Paul and Vanilla Sky
Last week Vanilla Sky director Cameron Crowe sat in his Santa Monica office and recalled his first meeting with Sir Paul McCartney.  "I sort of walked next to him through the hallway here down to the editing room. People kind of turned an... (more)
2002-Mar-04Heather's Pop Idol
We have learned from Sir Paul that Heather Mills is not especially familiar with his work.  The Scottish Daily Record is reporting that Heather's pop idol is in fact an obscure singer from Glasgow Scotland named Colin Hay. At the age of 14 h... (more)
2002-Mar-04Sir Paul's "Perfect Year"
Sir Paul is about to become a grandfather again.  His daughter Mary will present him with a second grandchild this summer.  He is already enjoying his role as doting grandfather to Mary's two-year-old son Arthur. Sir Paul is calling this... (more)
2002-Mar-04Paperback Writer
photosToday Sir Paul becomes a paperback writer.   His poetry book Blackbird Singing is being released in the U.K today in a new paperback edition.  ... (more)
2002-Mar-03Sir Paul Invited to East Timor
Sir Paul has been invited to participate in East Timor's independence celebrations in May. A huge party is being planned to mark the country's freedom after 25 years of Indonesian occupation and 500 years of Portuguese rule. Former rock singer Igna... (more)


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