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2002-Apr-01No, This Is Not His Farewell Tour
Last week in a pre-tour interview Sir Paul granted during a rehearsal break Sir Paul dismissed the notion that this is his farewell tour: "I'm a little cynical about ever saying something is a farewell tour because so many people have said they we... (more)
2002-Apr-01Stella's Middle East Adventure
Sir Paul's daughter Stella will fly to Kuwait next month for the opening of the world's most luxurious store Villa Moda. Stella will be one of 500 guests of Kuwaiti Prince Majed al-Sabah who is the principal investor in the store. Now the wealth... (more)
2002-Mar-31Highlights from a San Francisco Chronicle Interview
Last week the San Francisco Chronicle's pop music critic James Sullivan visited Sir Paul in Culver City California during one of his final rehearsals for the Driving USA tour.  Sir Paul and his new band were working in a huge dimly lit so... (more)
2002-Mar-31Highlights from a Washington Post Interview
On Wednesday in a telephone interview with the Washington Post's Richard Harrington Sir Paul expressed the hope that a first-ever posthumous knighthood will be granted to George Harrison.  Sir Paul recalled that his last meeting with George... (more)
2002-Mar-30Sir Paul Sang Live at the Oscars
According to U.S. Weekly Sir Paul was quite nervous about performing live with a new band before the prestigious audience attending last week's Oscar ceremony.  At first he wanted to lip-sync his Vanilla Sky performance but later thought bett... (more)
2002-Mar-28Sir Paul Interview on ET Tonight
As Sir Paul prepares to launch his "Driving USA" tour next week he took the time to grant an interview to CBS television's Entertainment Tonight.  This evening's program also promises to show us a glimpse of some of Sir Paul's concert rehears... (more)
2002-Mar-28Sir Paul Chats about The Lord of the Rings
At Sunday's Oscar ceremony The Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson happened to meet Sir Paul in the lobby of the Kodak Theater where the event was being held.  Mr. Jackson said today that he asked Sir Paul if it was true that the Beatl... (more)
2002-Mar-25Sir Paul Understands
Sir Paul said today that was particularly significant for Americans to be honored during this year's  Academy Awards ceremony in light of the September 11 terrorist attacks: "To tell you the truth I think this year with what's happened in Am... (more)
2002-Mar-24Sir Paul Attends the Academy Awards Festivities
Updated March 28. Sir Paul made his first Oscar appearance at the 74th annual Academy Awards ceremony today.   Before the ceremony Sir Paul in his black suit and tee-shirt was easy to spot in the sea of white shirts bow ties and tuxed... (more)
2002-Mar-23Whistling With Sir Paul
During tomorrow evening's live Academy Award performance of Vanilla Sky Sir Paul and Rusty Anderson will play acoustic guitars and will be accompanied by world-renowned flutist Jim Walker.  Mr. Walker is thrilled   "It hasn't h... (more)
2002-Mar-22Linda's "Pin Ups" at the Tate
A new exhibition featuring some of Linda McCartney's celebrity photographs will open at Liverpool's Tate gallery next week.  The show is called "Pin-Up: Glamour and Celebrity Since the Sixties" and will include Linda's photos of Mick Jagger J... (more)
2002-Mar-22Stella's Fortnight
It has been a busy two weeks for Stella McCartney. First there was the grand success of the Paris show of her Autumn/Winter Collection. (March 11) People are still talking not only about her stunning clothing designs but about her clever invitatio... (more)
2002-Mar-22Oscar Medley
Just so you won't be disappointed don't expect to hear Sir Paul perform the full version of Vanilla Sky during Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.  The show's producer Laura Ziskin has cut most of the musical numbers to prevent the show from... (more)
2002-Mar-21She's Still Shopping
In case you are keeping track of such things Heather Mills was spotted shopping today in the trendy Knightsbridge boutique Turquoise.    ... (more)
2002-Mar-21No Reply
Sir Paul is facing the criticism of the 300 members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for failing to respond to their written request to meet with him to discuss his claims that hunting is cruel. (see January 13)  The group says that... (more)
2002-Mar-21Asher Home Sold
Jane Asher's family home on Wimpole Street Marylebone was recently sold for £2.45 million.  During the early Sixties Sir Paul lived in one of the eight bedrooms of this six-storey home and composed many of his Beatles tunes including Y... (more)
2002-Mar-20Oscar Performance
Reports are circulating this afternoon that Sir Paul is preparing to make his first Oscar performance at this Sunday's the Academy Awards ceremony.  He will be performing his song Vanilla Sky which has been nominated to receive an Oscar for... (more)
2002-Mar-20Liverpool's Mike McCartney
photosKodak has donated disposable cameras to Liverpool schoolchildren so that they can participate in the Click on Culture contest.  Through their photographs thousands of youngsters hope to express what Liverpool means to them.  The contest... (more)
2002-Mar-20He Never Felt More Like Singin' the Blues
The Mirror is reporting today that Sir Paul is participating in new a six-part documentary called The Blues. The series is being produced by Martin Scorsese who claims "I've always felt an affinity for blues music.  The culture of storytelli... (more)
2002-Mar-19A Thank You From Sir Paul
The following letter to the editor was published in today's London Daily Telegraph: Sir Thank you very much for the obituary which you included in your pages on my dear cousin Bert Dahner (March 14). All of us in the family loved Bert and were... (more)


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