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2002-Apr-10Heather's Live Chicago Television Interview
This morning Heather Mills was interviewed by Bill Zwecker on FOX television's morning news program.   Heather was wearing white slacks and a pink flowered top from her INC International line of clothing.  Mr. Zwecker asked Heather... (more)
2002-Apr-10Heather To Appear At Bloomingdale's In Chicago
At 6:00 this evening Heather Mills will be appearing at an INC-sponsored fashion event at Chicago's Bloomingdale's store at 900 N. Michigan Avenue.  Last week in a telephone interview from backstage at one of Sir Paul's California concerts... (more)
2002-Apr-10Sir Paul's Reflections from Chicago
While preparing for his Chicago appearances Sir Paul granted an interview to the Chicago Tribune's rock critic Gerg Kot. Did George's death inspire him to tour?  Sir Paul replied: "It didn't actually. We were getting ready to tour around th... (more)
2002-Apr-10Sir Paul's Reflections From San Jose
Last week Sir Paul spoke by telephone Chicago Tribune staff reporter Mark Caro before his San Jose California concert.  He told the reporter that he does not view himself as an icon: "I can't help the icon thing.  It's like I don't r... (more)
2002-Apr-10Sir Paul's Reflections from Las Vegas
Last week Sir Paul granted an interview with a Toronto Star reporter in his backstage lounge after completed his sound check at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  For the interview Sir Paul kicked off his canvas shoes and settled into... (more)
2002-Apr-09Sir Paul Is in Chicago!
Updated April 12.  Sir Paul is spending the first part of his week in the beautiful city of Chicago.  He made his first public appearance on Monday at the Chicago Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Center for International Rehabilitation's Fifth... (more)
2002-Apr-08A Las Vegas Review
Today's Las Vegas Sun called Sir Paul's MGM Grand Garden Area Friday performance a mid-1960s-style incense scented magical mystery tour.   Sir Paul was described as being in strong voice looking fit and youthful.  The reviewer note... (more)
2002-Apr-08Stella's Remodeling Woes
Much to the displeasure of her Notting Hill neighbors Stella McCartney has installed an open-air shower surrounded by a ramshackle 6ft. high fence on the roof of her home.   One Notting Hill resident described the structure saying "It i... (more)
2002-Apr-08More on the Let It Be Video Re-release
Updated April 9.  Last week Sir Paul told USA Today that he was working on a reissue of Let It Be saying "We're cleaning up the film and going back to the original tape before Phil Spector got hold of it."  (see April 3)  Today's... (more)
2002-Apr-06A Royal No
Updated April 10.  The Sun is reporting today that Sir Paul has refused an offer to sing a duet with British Pop Idol Will Young.  The 23-year-old singer was certain Sir Paul would accept his offer to perform with him during the Queen's... (more)
2002-Apr-05With A Little Help From Their Friends
Liverpool's Daily Post reports today that Sir Paul and some other stars have donated musical equipment to a local club in an effort to help develop some new Mersey acts.  The Picket on Hardman Street wanted to make a collection of equipment... (more)
2002-Apr-05Rich List Update
Today the Express published it's latest list of Britain's top earning musicians.  Sir Paul's name still tops the list.  A new addition to the ranks is George Harrison's widow Olivia who holds the 9th position.  So without further... (more)
2002-Apr-05Demo Tape on the Auction Block
photosFor the first time an original Lennon and McCartney composing tape is going on the auction block.  At Christie's South Kensington sale on April 30 one will have the opportunity to bid on the original She Said She Said demo tape where at on... (more)
2002-Apr-04McCartney Was A Hit!
The Edmonton Sun reports that Mike McCartney delighted his audience with his stories and photos at last evening's "Evening With Mike".  "One almost felt like an intruder " said reporter Graham Hicks as Mike and his longtime friend Long John Ba... (more)
2002-Apr-03Don't Worry - He's Not Retiring
Sir Paul told ABC news that he decided to go on tour again because "the time's right. I've written my songs now I tour.  I just thought this feels exciting." Although he admitted that on Monday he experienced a few opening night jitters and... (more)
2002-Apr-03Making Up On Oscar Night
The current issue of Entertainment Weekly reports that on Oscar night Sir Paul arrived backstage for his pre-Vanilla Sky performance make-up check at 7:45 p.m.  Sir Paul offered his apologizes to touch-up artist Bruce Grayson.  It seems... (more)
2002-Apr-03From USA Today Today
Last week during a rehearsal break Sir Paul granted an interview to USA Today's Edna Gundersen.  Sir Paul wear a tan T-shirt and olive pants plopped down onto a sofa in his trailer kicked off his sneakers removed his watch and began to m... (more)
2002-Apr-03The Play List
Today's Mirror has provided us with the list of the 36 songs Sir Paul performed during last Monday evening's concert.  Here they are!  1 Hello Goodbye   2 Jet  3 All My Loving  4 Getting Better  5 Coming Up  ... (more)
2002-Apr-02Tomorrow Night With Mike McCartney
During an interview today with the Edmonton Sun's Mike Ross Mike McCartney joked that he is "taller and more handsome" than his brother Paul but would say no more.  He explained that Liverpudlians have "class" and "dignity" and do not go aro... (more)
2002-Apr-02The Driving Rain USA Tour Has Begun
Sir Paul launched his Driving USA concert last evening to a sell-out crowd of 15 000 at the Oakland Coliseum in San Francisco California. After a circus parade warmed up the audience Sir Paul appeared in silhouette on the stage saluting the crowd... (more)


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