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Wings Over America
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2002-May-08New Look for Driving Rain
photosSir Paul's new album has been given a new look.  Gone is the black & white album cover featuring Sir Paul's autoportrait taken with his Casio watch-camera.  (See November 13 2002) The new Driving Rain album cover features the colorfu... (more)
2002-May-08New Books
photosSir Paul's thoughts and dreams have become chapters in two new books.  In Lauren Lawrence's Private Dreams of Public People (Assouline £24.95/$34.95) the author analyses the dreams of celebrities in personal "therapy sessions".  S... (more)
2002-May-08Breathtaking Memories of Denver
Sir Paul's performance at the Denver Pepsi Center last evening reminded him of his first visit to the city.  It was August 26 1964.  The Beatles were performing at Red Rocks on the sixth stop of their first American tour.  It was an... (more)
2002-May-07The Stones Respond
When asked about the high price of his concert tickets during an interview last week Sir Paul replied that the price of the Stones tickets were slightly higher than his and added "Mick doesn't exactly need the money does he?" Today the Rolling... (more)
2002-May-07Stella's Building Plans
In January we reported that Stella McCartney had purchased a derelict church near her Notting Hill home and had plans to renovate it and transform it into the first Stella McCartney Ltd boutique.  (see January 7)  Today it was reported t... (more)
2002-May-07George Harrison's Unfinished Album
Today's Sun is reporting that bootleggers are passing off a CD of 50 early George Harrison tunes as the album he was working on when he died.  The Sun states that there is indeed an unfinished album called Portrait of A Leg End and that Sir Pa... (more)
2002-May-06Inside Thing to be Released May 20
photosMercury Records has set May 20 for the release date of the new Lulu album Together which features her Inside Thing duet with Sir Paul.  (see June 12 2001)  There is much speculation that the first single from the album will be this Lul... (more)
2002-May-06Driving Rain Goes Gold
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded Sir Paul a gold album for his latest release Driving Rain.  Sales of the album have passed the 500 000 mark. This honor marks Sir Paul's 12th gold record as a solo artist.... (more)
2002-May-03View the Your Loving Flame Video
Sir Paul is currently being showcased as an MSN Music feature artist and their web page offers you the opportunity to view his new Your Loving Flame video online.  Enjoy!    ... (more)
2002-May-03Heather Mills to Appear at Macy's in L.A.
On Saturday May 4 at 2:00 in the afternoon   Heather Mills will make a promotional appearance for the INC: International Concepts spring 2002 fashion collection at Macy's in the Los Angeles Beverly Center. As she accompanies Sir Paul on his... (more)
2002-May-03A New York City Review
Today's London Times published a review of Sir Paul's Madison Square Garden concerts written by Nicholas Wapshott.  Mr. Wapshott had seen Sir Paul perform twice before - once when Wings turned up at York in a van and Sir Paul played his first... (more)
2002-May-03Some Rutles News
Today's Express features an interview with Neil Innes of the Rutles.  In it he says: "I'm best known for writing the music for the Rutles. I don't know if I'll do any old songs in my new show with John Dowie but I may. The event is called Ego... (more)
2002-May-02Bonding with Mr. Grant
In a recent interview Hugh Grant spoke about introducing his father to Sir Paul during a Concord flight to New York city.  The actor recalled "Paul McCartney and my father bonded actually. Of course my dad being one of the most unhip peop... (more)
2002-May-02Paul Meets "George"
Today's Liverpool Echo features an interesting story about Sir Paul's meeting with "George" during his Chicago appearance.  Marty Scott plays the role of George Harrison in the Beatles tribute band American English.  He does it so well... (more)
2002-May-01The Christie's Auction
In spite of the fact that Sir Paul's draft manuscript of Hey Jude had to be pulled from the bidding (see April 29) Christie's pop memorabilia auction raised $776 000.   According to Sarah Hodgson Christie's head of popular entertainment... (more)
2002-Apr-30More on the Buckingham Palace Concert.
The current issue of Billboard magazine offers more information on Sir Paul's June 3 appearance at Buckingham Palace this summer.  As reported here earlier (see January 21) in celebration of her Golden Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II has agreed to... (more)
2002-Apr-30The Driving USA Video/DVD's Carla Hay is reporting today that Sir Paul is working on a documentary of his Driving USA tour.  Before his Madison Square Garden show of Friday Sir Paul met with some reporters and talked about the project: "It will be a docu... (more)
2002-Apr-30He Tops the Chart
Last week we reported that the Billboard "Boxscore" had placed Sir Paul in second and third place on their list of Top 10 North American Concert Grosses (see April 23).  This week's May 4 issue places Sir Paul at the top of the chart in the f... (more)
2002-Apr-30"Keep June 6 Free"
Updated May 1.  Several British papers reported yesterday that Sir Paul has told his closest friends to "keep June 6 free." The New York Post is reporting today that the wedding will take place at the East Hampton Long Island home of Linda's... (more)
2002-Apr-30Sir Paul's Tonight Show Appearance
This Friday May 3 Sir Paul will make his first late night television appearance in nearly a decade when he appears as on NBC's Tonight Show.  That evening Sir Paul will be Jay Leno's one and only guest - a Tonight Show first!  During t... (more)


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