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2006-Nov-10: Good-bye Cabin

Sir Paul has changed his mind! In September, Sir Paul offered to remove a detached house and two barns on his Sussex estate in exchange for being allowed to keep his log cabin (see September 14). Yesterday, local planners were surprised to learn that Sir Paul has decided to demolish the large £1 million wooden cabin after all. He offered no explanation.

The house and two barns, which were on the grounds when Sir Paul, Linda and their children lived on the estate, will now remain. Sir Paul will also submit a retrospective planning application in hopes of keeping the lakeside pavilion which was also built without planning permission on the edge of a conservation lake that Sir Paul and Linda created on the estate. The case will be brought before the local Rother District Council on December 7th where it is expected that a final decision will be reached. A council source told reporters:

"There's been so much horse-trading on this it's difficult to remember what it was all about originally."

To summarize:

In December, 2005 Sir Paul submitted a formal bid to receive retrospective planning permission for the two-bedroom, 205 square meter cabin and pavilion he built on his estate.

His request was immediately rejected by the planners, because the buildings were constructed without consent and that they "harmed the intrinsic landscape quality and character" of the outstanding natural beauty of the High Weald.

Sir Paul appealed the ruling, stating that the cabin was essential for the "privacy, seclusion and security" of his family.

The planning committee did not accept his claim and ordered him to demolish both buildings.

Sir Paul then offered to demolish an old farmhouse called ''Beanacres" and two agricultural barns in exchange for permission to keep the cabin and pavilion. In addition, he submitted a new landscape and habitat management plan for his 933-acre estate which promised to increase bio-diversity and organic farming activities.

Now, Sir Paul has made the surprise offer to tear down his "beloved" log cabin if he can keep the pavilion which has no living accommodations, just a large area for entertaining and relaxing.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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