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2006-Oct-05: Stella's Paris Fashion Show

It is Fashion Week in Paris, and Sir Paul was there today to attend the 10:00 a.m. show of Stella's Spring/Summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection. It was a brisk morning in Paris, so guests were treated to hot cups of tea and biscuits, a reminder of Stella's British roots.

Invitations to Stella's fashion show were in the form of a limited edition Mr. Men book written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves' son Adam, titled Little Miss Stella, in which Little Miss Stella takes pity on invisible Little Miss Nobody and makes her a smart new suit that immediately turns her into a Little Miss Somebody. According to Stella:

"I think it's great fun. The Little Miss books are iconic. I always like the idea of the invitation that you can keep. I've always liked the idea of you giving them to your kids or to your grandkids."

Stella McCartney has become the first real person to be made into a Little Miss character. Only 1,000 copies of the book were produced. Adam Hargreaves said:

"It was great fun working with Stella on the Little Miss Stella story. I am really delighted that she has become the 84th Mr. Men and Little Miss character - if only for a limited time."

Stella dedicated the show to her family, her husband Alasdhair Willis, her 18-month-old son Miller, and her parents, Paul and Linda McCartney. A handwritten note was posted backstage that read:

""This show is dedicated to my husband and son... it is also for my mum and dad. It is only possible, though, because of my team that keeps getting better and better! x Stella."

From his front-row seat, Sir Paul was seen filming the standing ovation Stella received at the end of the show with his mobile phone. Stella rushed to her father's arms and the pair shared a warm hug.

Sir Paul reviewed the collection saying: "It was the best show. Not that I'm biased!"

Andre Leon Talley, American Vogue magazine's editor-at-large was also impressed with Stella's designs:

"She's a mother expecting another child so she has silhouettes that are wonderful to go from having a child to not having a child, from gestation to non-gestation after the birth, and I thought her sense of lames were beautiful. I thought it was her best collection in her entire career."

Gucci Group's chief executive, Robert Pollet, told the press:

"Stella McCartney is a fantastic brand with a great future and with an even greater designer and we are totally in love with her. It is a very important part of our portfolio."

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