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2006-May-07: Sir Paul and Heather Address the Separation Rumors

It is widely known that during their marriage, Sir Paul and Linda never spent a night apart - except for the nine days Sir Paul spent in a Japanese jail. That is why when it was learned that Sir Paul and Heather have spent five nights away from each other, rumors began to circulate that the McCartney marriage was in trouble.

For the last week, Heather has been living in the couple's seaside home in Hove, while Sir Paul has been shuttling between their London townhouse in St. John's Wood and their farm in Peasmarsh, East Sussex. This weekend's News Of The World ran a story under the headline "Macca In Marriage Crisis", which claims the couple are living in separate houses 55 miles apart after having "one hell of a barney".

Today, the couple have denied the rumor saying the Heather is hiding from the paparazzi who have been trying to get a picture of her in a wheelchair following the operation on her leg last month (see April 10). Heather told The People newspaper:

""Our marriage is strong and everything is fine. I've just been keeping a low profile since my operation. Paul and I are still very much together. Paul and I are together 100 per cent. I will see him soon. I see him all the time. The proper story is that three weeks ago Paul and I went to America and I had to have my leg operated on again. We have only just got back together from Los Angeles, where Paul was recording and I had my operation. We haven't been apart until these last couple of days when I have had to hide. Some people have been trying to get pictures of me in a wheelchair, so I have had to stay really low so that they don't get the picture. I can't move around and I've just got on to crutches. Someone has put a contract out on me to get a picture, which is quite sick. I have been called by one of the paparazzi guys who said they called Paul and said 'If you give me a picture of her we won't chase her'. I am keeping my head down until I can recover properly because I don't want to give them a picture.

"I have had a revision amputation and I am keeping my head down. It has only been five weeks since my surgery. It has only been five weeks since my surgery. I'm keeping undercover until I can walk properly. I don't know how long that will be because I have just had my leg fitted and I can't walk properly still because it is bleeding and blistering.

"Of course we are together - it is hilarious. We will sue on this because it is total rubbish. I can't wait to sue because I will make a fortune for my charity. Our marriage is strong and everything is fine. I've just been keeping a low profile since the op.

"I don't want to make any statement that we are still together. I just don't want to fuel it any further."

Heather's publicist, Anya Noakes, was asked if the marriage is in trouble, she replied:

"I'm not even going to answer that. It's just rubbish."

"Heather had a revision amputation operation which involves her being in a wheelchair and on crutches. She had the operation in America and Paul was with her throughout. About a week ago we found out a newspaper had hired paparazzi to get a picture of her in a wheelchair so she decided to keep a low profile. Paul has been fully supportive."

"It's a load of nonsense. There is nothing sinister in them being apart for a few days. She has had a major operation and decided to stay in Hove because it was nearest to her hospital. Paul has been busy and that is why they have not been together for this short period."

"Heather is now on crutches and needs time to recover in peace and quiet. She's having a new leg fitted and went to her house in Hove as it's easier for her to get to the place where they're fitting the leg. That's all there is to it. She's just had a major op - and Paul was with her throughout."

Sir Paul's spokesman, Stuart Bell, says it was Heather's need for privacy which led to their week apart. He added:

"They are very much in love. They are still together. The McCartneys have been keeping below the radar since Heather's operation. There is no problem with their marriage."

Paul's friends have speculated to the press what might be keeping the couple apart:

"He runs a big publishing company in London and he has been busy working. He has also been keen to keep the photographers away from his wife. It would not surprise me if his trip to Peasmarsh was to give the photographers the wrong idea about where she was."

Family friend, comedy writer Carla Lane, said last night of the rumors:

"I find it very hard to believe. They invited me round to their place recently for a cup of tea. We went for a walk together in their gardens and everything was fine."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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