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2006-Feb-18: LIPA Is A Sentimental Thing for Sir Paul

Music Week reports that during a press conference held to mark the 10th anniversary of the Liverpool Institution of Performing Arts (see January 31) , Sir Paul stated that he remains one of its firmest supporters:

"It's a really good reason to go up to Liverpool a few times a year, either to do a little masterclass with the students or attend events. I'm always sentimental [going back]. It's a sentimental thing remembering things like speech days when my mum and dad were there.

"The main thing is supporting the students and the pride of having saved the building and turning into something decent, which is giving these kids a chance. Whenever I run into producers, they really value the Lipa students. People who come here have got a very good attitude."

Sir Paul always warns the students not to look to him for all the answers:

"I tell them, `Get one thing straight: I don't know how to do this. You make it up as you go along - there are no rules. The songs are your babies; it's all down to you. But if you show me your work, I can comment on it and say what I would have done differently and give you clues'."

In fact, Sir Paul admits that he and his fellow Beatles would have benefited greatly from the training offered to LIPA students on the business side of the music industry:

"What I would have valued if I trained there would have been how not to get ripped off by publishers. We just walked in and signed on the dotted line."

From the start, Sir Paul favored providing a practical curriculum to the LIPA students:

"The bottom line we decided early on was there's no guarantee we're going to produce a Lennon - or a McCartney for that matter - so we haven't really tried to do that: we're educating students to go to work."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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