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2006-Jan-27: Stella's Evening Standard Interview

Sir Paul's daughter, Stella, has granted a rare interview to London's Evening Standard during which she revealed how her mother inspired her to become a vegetarian and environmentalist:

"For me, vegetarianism is based on ethics. It's how I was brought up. My mum was very vocal and we were all educated to understand why we weren't eating meat. But actually, now I look at it from all different angles, I think it's very wrong to have the mass murder, every single day, of millions of animals. I find something wrong with that on a spiritual level, an environmental level and an ethical level. I walk into my shop and, hand on heart, I can say that not one animal has suffered for one thing in there. I don't think you could name one other designer who could say that."

As a mother to 10-month old baby Miller, Stella's views on the environment became more focused:

"I found that when you have a baby, they are so pure and untouched that a car goes past and you look at all the pollution and you really want to protect them. As they get older and more robust you sort-of forget about it but you only want to put pure cotton next to their skin. And you worry. When I was young, I would think about the environment but I always assumed that my great-great-great-grandchildren would be fine. Now it looks like the next generation won't be."

Stella is doing her part to put her principles into action. She will soon be driving a new Lexus RX 400h, which runs both on petrol and and electric motor. In addition, she has and organic vegetable garden at her country house in Worcestershire:

"I grew up on an organic farm and I love it. My mum used to do this thing where, when we had dinner, she'd go, 'And this potato is from our garden'. We'd all be like, 'Shut up' [groaning like a bored teenager], but now I get it."

Stella's flagship store on Bruton Street, Mayfair, is run on windpowered electricity:

"You buy your wind and the money from the electricity you use goes to the Ecotricity people."

Even all the Christmas lights at her Mayfair shop were windpowered:

"It was all windpowered electricity so, you see, we could have fun. We're not all cardboardwearing, cork-chewing nutters."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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