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Wings Over America
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2005-Nov-21: More on Sir Paul and Lexus

In a recent press release, Lexus announced some new marketing extensions in partnership with Sir Paul. (See also May 31, 2005) This is the first time in his career that Sir Paul has partnered with a commercial brand:

"My partnership with Lexus is a natural fit. Lexus and I share the same philosophy and approach to creating the best work possible -- me with my music and art and Lexus with the vehicles they create. This is a fun and rewarding experience for all."

Lexus national event marketing manager, Keith Dahl adds:

"The Paul McCartney US Tour Presented by Lexus offers us a unique opportunity to align with such an icon and create memorable experiences for fans and Lexus owners. "We wanted this to be an experience that would be remembered long after the concert series is over."

From now until March, 2006, the McCartney-Lexus' marketing extensions will include the following:

The Paul McCartney Signature Edition RX 400h:
This is a single,one-of-a-kind Paul McCartney-themed RX 400h vehicle created to to benefit Sir Paul's Adopt-a-Minefield charity. The automobile features features Sir Paul's famous Hofner Bass and VOX amplifier throughout the design. The winner will also be awarded reissue of a 1962 Hofner Bass and VOX amplifier. The car will be on display at each venue of Sir Paul's tour. One can enter the sweepstakes on the Adopt-a-Minefield site:

"The Lexus Experience":
In a sweepstakes to support the launch of the Chaos And Creation In The Backyard," Lexus has created a special sweepstakes in which one has the opportunity to win "The Lexus Experience" - a trip for two to Los Angeles, a stay at the Peninsula Beverly Hills and be chauffeured in a Lexus to the sold-out final concert of the U.S. tour. To enter the sweepstakes, one must purchase a specially marked CD at a select retail outlets to obtain a unique code. Other prizes in this sweepstakes include a luxury hybrid SUV Lexus RX 400h, a premium Mark Levinson home sound system and collections McCartney music.

The McCartney and Lexus Partnership Web site:
Listen to new music and learn more about or learning more Sir Paul and the special programs Lexus has created to celebrate the sponsorship on their micro site:

Special Owner Benefits:

Motor of Love, a special CD featuring music selected by Sir Paul. The album is being distributed by Lexus dealers to their customers.

Concert ticket sweepstakes

Two feature articles on Sir Paul published in the Lexus magazine

"Lexus Hospitality" in select cities where Lexus hosts invitation-only events that pay tribute to Sir Paul's artistic career. These events will feature Sir Paul's artwork, phonographs, poetry, animations, and children's book.

Advertising: Sir Paul has loaned his new song Fine Line to accompany the new RX 400h luxury hybrid SUV advertisement titled "Alternative."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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