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2005-Aug-21: Will There Be A New Beatles Tune?

The opening of the new production Lennon - The Musical has led to new hopes that another new Beatles song that may one day be released. It is the third of the "virtual reunion songs" that Sir Paul, George, and Ringo worked on back in 1995. Free as a Bird and Real Love were completed and released. However, the third song, based on John Lennon's demo of his ballad I Don't Want to Lose You was never completed. At the time, the song was not coming together easily for the remaining Beatles. It also required quite a bit of additional writing. Since then, however, there has been talk of completing the track. During his 2002 MSN Internet chat, Sir Paul explained:

"There was another track under consideration for us to work on but we didn't get around to it, so I wonder if there will be a chance in the future. I wouldn't mind doing it."

In 1995, Beatles Anthology producer Jeff Lynne recalled that some work was done on the track:

"It was one day -- one afternoon, really -- messing with it. The song had a chorus but is almost totally lacking in verses. We did the backing track . . . a rough go that we didn't really finish. It was sort of a bluesy sort of ballad, I suppose, in A minor. It was a very sweet song. I liked it a lot, and I wish we could have finished it."

In a 1997 interview, Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, who also worked on the uncompleted tune, added:

"It would be nice to get it finished. Paul's up for it. . . . The chorus is great . . . it would make a great record."

Now, Yoko Ono is saying that she would not be opposed to having the song finished by the remaining Beatles:

"I sent those songs to them when the situation was quite different. Now that George is gone, I don't know if the same would apply. I will consider the possibility, that is, when I get the call."

She explained that back in 1995, she selected all three of John's songs very carefully:

"... because these songs were to come from the Beatles. The Beatles will be singing to the world again. The implication of that was tremendous. I thought, this [I Don't Want to Lose You] was a song which would release people from their sorrow of losing John. By listening to the song, they will eventually be able to release their sorrow and arrive at an understanding that, actually, John is not lost to them. . . . Paul, George and Ringo lost a great friend as well. If they sung this song from their hearts it would have helped many people around the world who felt the same."

Recently, when asked if the song should be completed, Mark Hudson, Ringo Starr's writing and producing partner replied:

"I'd love to see it happen! Are you kidding? ... If anybody is going to be capable of making an addition to a John Lennon song, it definitely would be Paul McCartney. And I think he would write it like a Lennon-McCartney song, I really do. I don't think he would make it too McCartney."

Meanwhile, the song can be heard in the new production Lennon - The Musical which opened last week at the Broadhurst Theater in New York city. According to the production's writer and director, Don Scardino:

" Don't Want to Lose You may be the saddest, most poignant love song he [John] ever wrote."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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