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Wings Over America
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2005-Jul-08: Ringo Reviews Sir Paul's Live 8 Performance

On his 65th birthday, Ringo Starr offered the Toronto Sun a review of Sir Paul Live 8 performance. He said he liked it to a point:

"I saw Paul and Bono being fabulous and I saw four stupid guys in Pepper suits. I thought Paul should have worn the suit and Bono and Bob Geldof should have worn one. Like, real people should have worn them. Then it would have been a real statement. Just to have four silly guys in the back there, I thought was silly."

Ringo was not invited to back Sir Paul on the drums during the performance, but he joked about it:

"Well, it's too late now. So let's not talk about the past. I was never asked to do it. I would have only done it, if I'd dressed up in me suit. That would have been a big condition on my part."

Ringo does go back to his Beatles roots on his new album, Choose Love:

"There's 'The long and winding road is more than a song,' which I thought was a great line. And 'Tomorrow never knows,' was the line of mine that John wrote a song about. So I have no problem using lines like that. They're in a new context. They're not those songs. We're putting it in another context."

The album also includes his song, Oh My Lord which he said he was inspired to write while he was sitting at his piano and the chords, melody and words, 'Help Me Lord,' came to him.

"Because it has the word 'Lord' in it, everybody keeps saying, 'Oh, well it's like George Harrison.' I don't know what the Baptists are going to say. We were talking about It Don't Come Easy. George and I wrote that song, and he produced it on me and was trying to throw in Hare Krishna and God and everything and at that time of my life, I would say, 'No, no, no, that's you. I don't sing these songs.' And now I have no problem saying it. You know, people change. You just change on this long and winding road we're on, some things become easier."

Ringo has played the song for Olivia Harrison:

"I did and she loved it. She's doing good. I mean, you know, it's been a couple of years now. You'd have to talk to her about how she feels. But I've seen her lately and she's doing better than she was doing. And that's all you can ask for."



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