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2005-Jun-26: Prep School for Beatrice

Today's Mail on Sunday reports that Sir Paul has enrolled his daughter, Beatrice Milly, in a prestigious prep school, renowned for its music and drama departments.

Last week, Sir Paul visited the prestigious school, a half-hour drive from their home in Peasmarsh, East Sussex. According to one of the parents:

"Sir Paul attended the leavers' concert and seemed very taken with the school. He was openly telling other parents that he has put his daughter's name down and saying that he hoped she would be accepted. Every pupil is taught musical appreciation and singing which clearly appealed to him."

One of Heather's friends told the Mail on Sunday that Heather is delighted:

"She has always wanted Beatrice to be privately educated. She feels she never had much of an education in Newcastle where she was brought up. Heather's been slowly working on the issue of Beatrice's education ever since her baby was born.'

The Mail quotes a close friend of Sir Paul as saying:

"This decision will no doubt delight Heather but it will really upset the other kids. To allow Beatrice to be the only McCartney not to be state-educated when it has always been a major issue with Paul will really set the cat among the pigeons. The kids all love Beatrice but I'm sure they will see this as another example of Heather having Paul wrapped round her little finger. Paul has always been against private schools, and now he's sending his own daughter to one."

Baby Beatrice is only 20 months old, so she won't be starting school for a while.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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