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2005-Jun-26: A Loss for the McCartneys?

The People reports today the sad news that Sir Paul and Heather have suffered the loss of their second baby. Sir Paul is reported to be taking lengthy walks alone in an effort to cope with his grief. However, a spokeswoman for Heather said last night:

"It's not true. There were rumors earlier this year that Heather was pregnant, but they were never confirmed. There was no miscarriage. She would like another child but are both happy and contented with their lives."

Still, The People quote friends of the McCartneys as saying:

"They had set their sights on celebrating the birth of their second child later this year, but the miscarriage has come as a terrible blow to them. But Heather is telling friends she will try for another child."

Earlier this year, reports circulated that the McCartneys were expecting their second child (see March 11 ) when Heather was seen making regular visits to the Viveka Clinic near their in St. John's Wood, north London. According to a family friend:

"She told several people that she was expecting another child. She felt relaxed at the Viveka Clinic because she'd gone through her first pregnancy there. Heather was down at first, but she is a very brave person and she hasn't given up hope of falling pregnant again despite everything. She's been out with her girl friends quite a lot over the last few months. Paul is there to support her too. They'll both pull through from their upset."

Earlier this month Heather was seen out with her friends at London's Nobu restaurant . Heather told reporters:

"It's Paul's turn to baby-sit tonight. We take turns."

A few weeks ago, during a speaking engagement at the In The Pink Party for the charity Breast Cancer Haven at London's Cadogan Hall, Heather was asked about having another baby. She replied:

"We'll see. Beatrice was a miracle. I've had six miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies so want to spend as much time with Beatrice as possible."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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