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2005-May-20: Sir Paul's Surprise Lunchtime Appearance in Liverpool

Yesterday, Sir Paul made a surprise appearance at a House of Commons lunchtime reception being held for 200 politicians, business people and artists to celebrate Liverpool's honor of becoming the 2008 Capital of Culture. According to a report in the Telegraph:

"Next week is National Vegetarian Week, and Paul was attending a Vegetarian Society lunch in one of the dining rooms round the corner from the Commons terrace, but when the guys from Liverpool got wind of this, they sent him a message asking him to make an appearance."

According to one of the organizers of the reception:

"It was a complete coincidence that Paul was here, but it was fantastic to see him as he has been such a great supporter."

Sir Paul was surprised as well. He had thought he would find his brother Mike at the reception. Sir Paul told the Daily Post:

"I had to pop in to see if our kid was there, because it would have been so strange if we had both been at the Commons in adjacent rooms. But I was also happy to lend my support to the event, because we were all so chuffed at winning the Capital of Culture honor."

Will Sir Paul be participating in the 2008 festivities:

"I haven't any plans at the moment, but I certainly would not rule it out. As we get closer to 2008, I'm sure more plans will be made and other things will happen spontaneously.

When the reporter asked if he would be writing a song to mark the event, Sir Paul joked:

"You could write the words and I will write the music."

The reception was being held to launch the plans for Liverpool's Capital of Culture activities. Sir Paul delighted the guests at the reception by remaining to autograph the 2008 strategy plans.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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