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2005-May-01: Missing the McCartneys on the Mull of Kintyre

In today's Scots edition of the Sunday Mirror, members of the Campbeltown spoke to reporters about how they miss their most famous resident. Sir Paul has not visited his farm near Campbeltown since his marriage to Heather three years ago. His "ghost farm" - the cottage, the barns, the herds of sheep and deer - are now looked after by three farmhands. The McCartney family no longer spend their holidays on the farm. However, local grocer Ivor Watson who supplied the family with fresh flowers and vegetables over the years says he still hears from Sir Paul once a year:

"Business has dwindled over the last few years, but I still get an order to give the farm workers and their wives flowers at Christmas.".

Campbeltown librarian, Sue Fortune, who was inspired to move to the area by Sir Paul's tune Mull Of Kintyre told the reporter:

"He came here every year for nearly 30 years and then he marries Heather and we don't see him again. People feel she is responsible, and obviously she's not that popular round here. Linda was very popular, which doesn't help. People feel slightly miffed."

Another resident claims that the area is not as lively without Linda:

"I remember the day she called the local taxi company and asked a car to be sent to Glasgow to collect 12 jam jars of various sizes. It's a seven-hour return trip and they were probably the most expensive jam jars in history."

Community councilor Nancie Smith told the Mirror reporter:

"It is a mystery why he still keeps the estate. Either he's keeping it for his grandchildren or there is still an emotional tie with Linda - it's one place which is heavily linked to her. We owe him a big debt for the song because it's known throughout the world. People would make a pilgrimage to this area and it really did put Campbeltown and Kintyre on the map. Any time he ever felt like coming back here he'd get a warm welcome."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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