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2005-Apr-17: Sir Paul's New Album, Timelines

The British press reports today that Sir Paul's new album, with the tentative title Timelines, is scheduled to be released on August 20. Sir Paul wrote two of the songs on the album as a tribute to Linda and one, entitled Comfort of Love, he wrote in memory of John Lennon. Another tune on the album, Hometown Papers, Sir Paul co-wrote with Heather as a musical revenge on Heather's critics in the media. These lyrics were printed in the Daily Mail:

Oh it had to be true,
because I read it in the news of my hometown papers.

He was wearing red,
when in the photo,
it was clearly blue,
'cause I saw it in the photo news,
of my hometown papers...

Said she was a gold digger,
Said that I was a fool,
Said I was rich, crazy, lonely,
She was beautiful, but crude,
I wasn't so surprised,
because that's the kind of s*** they print,
in the hometown papers,
Hometown news

A close family friend is quoted in the press as saying:

"Paul is so angry about what people have been saying about Heather. Writing is his way of expressing himself so it is no surprise that he has composed this song. Heather has been upset by a lot of the criticism about their relationship. It has really dragged her down, and he can't stand to see her so low. Paul has written the song for his new album. This is particularly written about the British newspapers because they don't get anything like the same sort of criticism in the American newspapers. There, the journalists still seem to be in awe of him as an ex-Beatle and Heather is taken seriously. Paul has written the song for his new album. He is presently deciding whether to definitely put it on as he knows this will stoke up even more problems with the press....It isn't often he'll be as open as this. He can't believe the treatment meted out to his wife."

Sir Paul's new album will also contain a track called Bushie-Tushie Jelly Jam, a critique of President George Bush's refusal to sign the treaty to ban landmines.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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