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2005-Mar-11: Another Baby?

The Daily Mail reports today that within the next few weeks, Sir Paul and Heather McCartney will confirm if they are having another baby. In an interview with Hello magazine, Heather did confirm that being a mother is not easy:

"Motherhood is the hardest job in the world. All mothers should be paid a wage. Now, going to work feels like a holiday, even though I adore my baby. Whenever I speak to my friends they say the longer you're at home the more confidence you lose. It's absolutely true - talk about multitasking! I've just started to get a baby-sitter to give me a bit more time but usually my baby is climbing on my lap deleting my e-mails or cc'ing private ones to inappropriate people."

Heather would also like to host her own television show:

"Presenting is what I did for years before meeting Paul and I gave it up as he wanted me to be with him when he traveled. I loved presenting Larry King's talk show in the States and look forward to doing more in the future."

Motherhood has not prevented Heather from working out five times a week with her personal trainers:

"I do five days in a row, one hour a day, with weekends off to allow my muscle tissue to recover. As we travel all the time, how and with whom I work out varies. Now, my biggest treat is to work with a personal trainer where possible and that's Richard in London, Chad in L.A. and Claus in New York."

Heather told Hello magazine that she is determined to protect 16-month-old Beatrice from media attention:

"I'd love to talk about my baby but she deserves her privacy so I protect her like a wild woman from the jungle. I will never exploit my baby because if I do, it gives the press the freedom to pursue and photograph her all day ... I'm becoming proficient in martial arts now so if needed I'll use it, especially after what happened to poor John and George."

She did reveal that baby Beatrice is being raised vegetarian:

"Paul and Linda brought their children up on a vegetarian diet and none of them are in any way inadequate. Our child is veggie and is blossoming. There are so many alternatives to meat that taste fab and are full of soy protein, as well as tofu, avocado, pulses, seeds and beans."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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