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2005-Jan-07: In Cheshire for the Sales

The Chester Chronicle reports that Sir Paul spent New Year's Eve shopping with Heather and 14-month-old Beatrice. Lee Thompson, a Chronicle reporter, spoke to Sir Paul outside the Forum shopping center:

"'I asked him for a picture. I told him I was a mad fan. He said 'I'm sorry but too many people have pestered me today for photographs. I want to have a gentle stroll with my wife'. He was very polite. 'There was no mistaking him at all. You didn't have to think twice. It couldn't have been anyone else. He had lots of shopping bags - about four on each arm."

Sir Paul wasn't signing autographs either. Sandra Riley, manager of The Forum's Health Rack shop, run after him when she saw him pass her store:

"I just said 'Sir Paul, could I possibly have your autograph?' He said 'I'm not doing autographs because it's a private shopping trip with my wife, but I wish you a happy New Year and he touched my arm. Heather was just in front of him and he had the baby in a baby carrier. It's unbelievable. Other people were saying hello and he was saying hello to them. She looked very smart."

During his Christmas Day appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Sir Paul had mentioned that he would be spending the New Year holiday in Liverpool. His brother, Mike, told reporters:

"It's called the sales! The whole of Britain heard where he was coming for New Year when he went on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. They always come for New Year. We always get together as a family. He and Heather had a particularly nice time when they went to Chester for the sales. They bought some extra presents for my wife and me, so I'm not complaining."

Mike McCartney wouldn't tell reporters anything personal about the McCartney New Year's Eve celebration. He said:

"You'll have to ask our kid about that! I would like to wish Chester Chronicle readers a very happy, successful and most of all, a healthy New Year, from the Cultural Ambassador of Wirral. Or as our dad used to say 'Apple in your ear!'."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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