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Wings Over America
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2004-Nov-06: Sir Paul's Tour Photos on Exhibit in London

An exhibition of photos taken during Sir Paul's recent world tour opened last evening at the Proud Galleries in north London. The exhibition features 46 pictures taken by the New York-based photographer Bill Bernstein who followed Sir Paul across five continents during the tour. At the launch party for the exhibition, Sir Paul (dressed in a dark pinstriped suit) told reporters:

"These images are a record of a very special tour. It's a record that hopes to communicate the excitement and feeling of being such a great team. I hope it also shows something of how it feels to be lucky enough to be part of such a huge success."

Mr. Bernstein added:

"The opportunity to be given such astounding access has been a high point of my career. I got really close to Paul during the two years of the tour. He is one of the most fantastic people I have met in my life. He is dead funny. There are two people: the rock icon and the regular guy... (Paul and Heather) were a fun couple to be around. The are both very up. They have a tremendous amount of fun."

Heather, dressing in jeans and a slinky top, told reporters:

"Paul has known Bill for about 20 years, so it wasn't difficult. I didn't even notice him. They decided to do a book."

The book is called Each One Believing: On Stage, Off Stage And Back Stage.

The exhibition will run from November 5 through 27 at the Proud Galleries in north London. Alex Proud of the Galleries says, "To see such close-up and personal images of one of the greatest icons of our time is amazing."

Prints signed by Sir Paul and Mr. Bernstein will be sold at the exhibition to raise money for Sir Paul's Adopt-A-Minefield charity.

London's Daily Mail reports that at the launch party for the exhibition last evening, Sir Paul told guests that he was determined to perform on the forthcoming re-recording of Do They Know It's Christmas? to help feed the starving people in Africa:

"I have absolutely no intention of letting younger artists take over this time around. The producers called and I jumped at the chance straight away. It's for a very good cause. I wouldn't miss doing Band Aid for the world."

After sipping on margaritas, chatting with reporters, and posing for photographers, Sir Paul and Heather and a few friends left the party to enjoy a two-hour vegetarian Chinese banquet at the Feng Shang Princess floating restaurant near Regent's Park in North-West London.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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